The best of weekender: A passion for fashion, memories of mother, and fandom holidays for the summer

This weekend, find out all about the life of a judge on India’s Next Top Model, plan a movie marathon, and check out the best advice from the moms of entrepreneurs

Would you go against the grain and switch careers in order to follow your heart? Meet India’s Next Top Model judge, Neeraj Gaba, who did just that. Neeraj did a course in hotel management and soon he saw his career taking flight when became a part of the crew of Sahara Airlines.

But when he realised that his one true passion was fashion, he decided it was time for the big switch. He moved to the fashion arena and within a few years, he became one of the judges on India’s Next Top Model.

Was it easy to make a mid-career shift to a new stream of work? It’s all about taking risks, says this celebrity judge and model mentor. Find out all about his exciting career and his views on the world of fashion in this exclusive interview with the image consultant and model mentor.

Neeraj Gaba

What are your best memories of your mom? Each of us has a different answer but most of us will agree that our moms are our true superheroes. From giving us unconditional love to offering nuggets of wisdom, mothers are always dishing out so much for their children. With Mother’s Day around the corner, here’s a chance to celebrate your mom and show her how much she means to you.

Check out what our entrepreneurs have to say about their relationships with their mothers as they share the sweetest memories of their moms and the best advice they have ever received from them.

Hari Ganapathy, Co-Founder, Pickyourtrail, and his mother

If you’ve just watched Avengers: Endgame and have fallen in love with fantasy movies. Why not take your love for these movies to a new level this summer? Plan a fandom holiday, which involves taking a trip to a country where a movie was filmed.

The historic city Dubrovnik has a 'Game of Thrones Filming Locations Tour'.

Whether it is the “The Walking Tour for Muggles” across London if you are a Harry Potter fan or a road trip to Northern Ireland to visit Castle Ward's farmyard, which is the location of Winterfell in Game of Thrones, fantasy movie-inspired trips are all the rage now. Check out all your options in our article on fandom holidays for the season.


Vinay Pathak

From his comedy and cricket shows on TV to playing the irritating Bharat Bhushan in the now legendary Bheja Fry franchise of films, or as the literary giant Manto in the film Toba Tek Singh, or as a landlord in the web series Made in Heaven, Vinay Pathak has always proved that he can’t be straightjacketed into any one kind of act.

Recently in Bangalore for the other love of his life, theatre, Vinay Pathak told us all about what he’s currently working on, and how Bheja Fry 3 may not be too far off. Don’t miss this interview with this versatile actor.

A movie night with your mom on Mother's Day is the best way to celebrate her special day

In case, you are planning a movie night with mom on Mother’s Day, check out our recommendations for the day.

Would you like to watch a sentimental drama of a mom and her daughter on the Greek islands of Skopelos, a rom-com about a body switch, or watch the delicious story of a chocolatier who drifts across Europe with her daughter?

Does your mother like stories of faraway lands, tales of gore, or pure escapist fantasy? We’ve got a checklist for you of the best movies you can watch with your mother on her special day.

Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, Next Education

Would you buy a cricket bat for Rs 30,000? Would you enjoy an evening reading the works of William Somerset Maugham? If yes, you will find a kindred soul in this entrepreneur who loves cricket and books and runs an edtech company.

Beas Dev Ralhan has passion for technology-backed business ideas and leads a talented team at Next Education, as CEO of the company. Read all about his love for writers like Ben Horowitz and Milan Kundera, his admiration for Bill Gates, his greatest regrets, the loves of his life, and more.

As for his motto, he believes in taking risks to get ahead and when it comes to business, he has some advice for young entrepreneurs. Watch that cash flow, he says. That’s what really matters in your business.


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