Now you can deliver packages for Amazon in your spare time with Amazon Flex

Amazon is targeting housewives, security guards, college students, and anyone who has spare time to make deliveries in their areas and days of their choice.

Ecommerce market leader Amazon India is launching ‘Amazon Flex’ – a new delivery programme for part-time delivery personnel looking for extra income and flexible timing. It targets housewives, security guards, college students, and anyone who has spare time to make deliveries in their areas and on days of their choice. They will be paid Rs 120-140 per hour.

The programme, which piloted over the last two weeks, is officially launched today across Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. Amazon Flex has been operational in Amazon’s six other markets in North America, Germany, Spain, Japan, Singapore, and the UK.

Although Amazon was launched in India about six years ago, Amazon Flex is introduced only now due to the specific requirements for the Indian market, says Akhil Saxena, Vice President of Asia Operations at Amazon.

“India has attended delivery (when the customer directly receives the product rather than the package being left at the doorstep as in the western markets). For cash on delivery orders, these delivery partners may need to give change. To avoid any issues with cash, the change is issued directly to the customer’s Amazon Pay wallet rather than as cash by the delivery partner,” he tells YourStory.

Once you download the Amazon Flex app, you can register to be a part-time delivery partner by choosing the area and time of your preference.  Akhil added that this programme is aligned with government schemes like Digital India and Skill India, as it is completely tech-driven.

Although this service is not confined to particular categories, white goods will not be part of this programme. “Amazon Flex partners will deliver only goods that can be carried in a backpack on their bikes. It is the size and weight that determines this, not the category. So electronics, apparels, books etc., can be delivered by them,” says Akhil.  

The freelance delivery partners are provided a four-hour slot every day for delivering the orders. They can pick it up from the delivery stations, and at the end of the day, come back there with the undelivered orders and cash from CoD purchases.

They will be paid every Wednesday via online bank transfer, and will be provided with insurance up to Rs 5 lakh.

Besides the in-app videos to show them how the system works, they will also be given classroom training when they come to the physical meetup to register with appropriate documents (for identity and address proof verification). An external agency takes care of background verification.