‘Creativity stops when the will to learn does’ – 60 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From capability to creativity, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

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Sometimes, it’s better to solve a problem holistically rather than quickly. - Apurva Dalal, Uber India

Evoking positivity will make you a people- pleaser whereas being resourceful will make you popular. - Antriksh Tatia

Agile workplaces and a vibrant ambience help the new workforce deliver better. - Sanjay Dutt, FICCI

There are very few times you find this perfect intersection of something that is great for customers, great for business, and great for the country. Ecommerce brings that harmony in place. - Amit Agarwal, Amazon India

With rapid increase in payment transactions and increase in the number of payment types, conventional technology approaches are unable to deliver desired consumer experience. - Rajeev Agrawal, Innoviti

When cloud computing descends, it becomes fog computing. - Kaushik Pillalamarri, Smartiply

There is a strong need to disrupt the way satellites communicate and break barriers to increase bandwidth and reduce costs of communication. - Vishesh Rajaram, Speciale Invest

Health habits of consumers have changed over the past few years and there is a need for a new tech-driven approach for a much better consumer experience. - Mukesh Bansal, Cure.fit

A majority of the world will be on AI workloads going forward. - Aakash NS, Jovian

Manufacturing is going to change with real-time algorithms using computer vision. - Prasad Akella, Drishti Technologies

The world is confused because blockchain is a technology that combines game theory, sociology, and computer science. - Akshay Aggarwal, Blocumen Studios

Patent Management & Monetisation is a $180 billion market globally. - Manoj Pillai, Clairvolex

We are going to be a part of the space revolution, and every student should know about space at a basic level. - Nikhitha C, Society for Space Education and Research Development

Traditionally, workspaces have been very boring, and we spend 50 percent of our time in offices, which suck big time. - Ritesh Malik, Innov8

An increasing number of highly skilled professionals want the freedom to work on challenging problems and teams without a full-time job. - Shashank Murali, TapChief

Giving a space to startups is not enough. A lot of money should be given to an incubator apart from (just) funding projects. - Anupam Jalote, iCreate

B2B businesses are probably difficult to build, but easy to scale. However, once they scale, they are easily profitable. - Dinesh Agarwal, IndiaMart InterMesh

With a rush of retail investors into financial markets, the need is to empower every individual investor with the tools to generate optimal returns. - Pranav Pai, 3one4 Capital

There are 654 million websites in the world and five million apps, and everyone can be our customer. - Ravi Vaka, TruePush

Although online courses do exist, students mostly find learning in a classroom setting more comfortable. - Rajan Singh, ConceptOwl

If you want to improve student outcomes, the way students learn needs to change. - Saras Ramamoorthy, Learning Matters

To kickstart a new business into the accelerated growth mode brings money problems for any founder. - Sanjay Shenoy, PixelTrack

In the next five years, our target is to make India a five-trillion dollar economy. Social sector remains our top priority. - PM Narendra Modi

Making money from a blog is business. And like any other business, it needs work, practise, and consistency. - Puspanjalee Das Dutta, 'My Writing, My World'

The biggest problem in today’s pet industry is the number of people who get a pet and then don’t know how to handle them. - Amit Verma, DoggieTheApp

As an ecosystem now we need to come and understand where DVR makes sense and where it doesn’t. - Sanjay Swamy, Prime Venture Partners

Individuals or small companies seeking legal, tax or accounting help are automatically on the back foot because of ‘information asymmetry’. - Manas Fuloria, Nagarro

'Brand Goa' has to communicate itself as effectively as a ‘startup haven’ as it does as a 'tourist haven'. - Rina Barreto, Cheree Tree Concepts

We see tremendous growth opportunity in electric freight mobility from a greener supply chain perspective, which will play a key role in building a robust supply chain for the future. - Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Flipkart

Digital health can play an important role in addressing the country’s healthcare gaps and meeting its increasing demand for healthcare services. - Ruchira Shukla, IFC

A substantial dependence on other countries for essential and life-saving devices and medical products could spell a health emergency if such international ties disrupt.

Dr Rimy Khurana

Everyone, including the youth, should have access to comprehensive age-specific sexuality education. This is a primary entitlement and a right of all individuals. - Kalpana Apte, Family Planning Association of India

India, along with others like China and Taiwan, is on its way to becoming a mature, 5G-ready country. - Gaurav Vasu, UnearthInsight

India's digital might from startups can work with the industrial might of Japan to help the two nations forge a deeper business partnership. - TV Mohandas Pai, Aarin Capital

There is an opportunity to create a pan-India franchise of speciality eye care centres. The current gap in demand and supply and increasing consumer preference for branded chains present a unique opportunity. - Prashasta Seth, IIFL AMC

Without clear definitions, there is a risk of arbitrary or opaque enforcement that limits access to legitimate information. - Kent Walker, Google

India is addicted to content. It is a land of stories. - Virendra Gupta, Dailyhunt

India is also a tech-first, digital-first nation. It has an affinity for innovation. - Amit Bivas, Optimove

Today, you see more talent joining the development sector with a strong desire to create an impact. It’s no longer just a passion project or something they want to do in their free time. - Abhishek Saini, Shreya Bhatia

We are now looking to work with the startup ecosystem to solve some of our business problems. - Prasun Gajri, HDFC Life

The micro-delivery space is a large addressable market, offering real convenience to customers for their daily requirements. - Ashish Sharma, InnoVen Capital

Regular seafood restaurants only serve around eight varieties of seafood but there are over 25 varieties of seafood available. - Steven Pinto, Mangalore Pearl

Since MSMEs form the backbone of the Indian economy, it is crucial for them to become a part of this globalisation and understand the essence of social media. - Jayati Singh, Tally Solutions

Reconciliation can only be solved by a neutral third party and has traditionally been handled via a brute-force approach of spreadsheets and a battery of analysts. - Sanjay Swamy, Prime Venture Partners

The multiplier effect in girls’ football is so many times more than with boys’ football. - Annanya Agarwal, Vedanta Group

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Designers and young people with design-thinking problem solving skills and the courage to take big risks to transform entire communities and cities are the only hope we have. - Lisa Heydlauff, Going to School

In rural areas, awareness about mental health issues is very low. It leads to thriving of superstitions and fraud healers such as tantriks, etc. - Prakriti Poddar, Poddar Foundation

There is 98 percent saving of agricultural water for the same crop yield by using a greenhouse versus an open field. - Sathya Raghu: Kheyti

Jute is sturdy but it always doesn’t look great, while cotton is soft and looks nice but is not as sturdy as jute. - Udit Sood, EcoRight

Cardboard really is an environment buddy – it is 100 percent recyclable and is primarily made up of 50 percent air. Moreover, it is also very cost-effective. - Amit Dhanani, The Cardboard

Health is not a short-term goal and can be achieved by adopting a healthy lifestyle. - Akshay Kumar

It's okay to not know what you want - as long as you know what you don't want. - Priyanka Chopra

Reflecting on your day for just 10 minutes will go a long way in not just decluttering your mind but also helping build a better ‘you’. - Jayalakshmi Manohar, Streak

Be a better version of who you are every day. - Divya Jain, Safeducate

Entrepreneurship is a culmination of that extended period of grit and hard work. - Prerna Mukharya, Outline India

The source of all art, science, and technology – in fact, all of human civilisation – is itself creative imagination, or creative thinking. - PA Paul

Never stop creating, irrespective of success or failure. Whatever the circumstance, never stop creating. - Varun Rao

Creativity stops when the will to learn does. - Vinesh Johny, Lavonne Academy

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