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Abhishek Rungta’s is a classic IT startup success story. In 1997, he began Indus Net Technologies in Kolkata with an investment of just Rs 3,000. In two decades, he managed to create a thriving tech ecosystem in a city that was still waking up to the digital revolution. By 2007, the company had clients ranging from Fevicol to Fox Sports, LG to Renault, and SBI General Insurance to Unilever, among others.

Starting with SaaS (software as a service) solutions, the company brought in new technologies like Java, mobile applications, TopNet, and others and grew into a premier web development and digital marketing company. A self-taught coder and ‘engineer’, according to Abhishek he has knocked on every Kolkata business’s door to sell his services and products. And that perseverance has paid off. Today, Indus Net Technologies has a turnover of USD 11 million and has clocked 15 percent growth annually.

This is just one success story from India’s thriving SMB sector, where some small businesses have grown into brands to be reckoned with globally. Like Indus Net Technologies, many of them are technology SMBs, which formed the backbone of India’s economy for years, providing products and services and employing millions.

But things are changing. In recent years, with increased globalisation and digitalisation, the SMB sector now faces new challenges such as investment, change in processes, and increased complexity of doing business, among others.

Nevertheless, the opportunity for growth in the sector is immense and technology SMBs have the opportunity to thrive and scale up by overcoming such constraints.

Companies like Dell have celebrated and supported tech-focused SMBs in India to promote growth in the IT sector, by hosting focus group meetups, providing ecosystem connects, and other technology support.

Earlier this year, YourStory collaborated with Dell for one such initiative called Power-up your Scale-up. The platform helped promote technology adoption by SMEs across India, provided year-round mentorship support, skilling sessions and access to Dell solutions. The first edition saw more than 100 SMBs benefiting from the programme.

Given the popularity of the programme and its continued relevance for the SMB sector, YourStory and Dell are bringing back Power-up your Scale-up for the second time this year.

A key highlight of the meetups are the deep conversations on topics such as scaling your startup, going digital, online marketing tools and metrics for B2B businesses, financial compliance requirements for SMBs, tackling tech hiring & scaling challenges, etc. The meetups will enable startups, entrepreneurs, SMBs and the community to connect, network, exchange ideas and knowledge and much more. Dell will also provide access to its technology solutions to accelerate the growth of SMBs and tackle key tech-related challenges.

If you are a startup or SMB entrepreneur, block your calendar for the following dates to attend the Power-up your Scale-up sessions being held in Bengaluru at the Dell Small Business Solution Centre (Map link)

  • HealthTech - 23rd July
  • UrbanTech - 25th July
  • AI/ML/IoT - 31st July

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