Best of Weekender: A tête-à-tête with hip-hop princess Svetha Rao, Teacher's Day musings and some Sally Lunn Buns for high tea

This week, we explore the world of hip-hop with Svetha Rao, find out the best destinations in the UK for autumn and learn all about startups like Tynimo and Vanity Wagon

If you love hip-hop music, chances are you would have heard of Svetha Rao, the Indo-American rapper who is such a sensation in the West. Ever since Svetha decided to christen herself ‘Raja Kumari’ or ‘princess’ at the age of 14, her success story in the hip-hop arena has been like a fairytale.

She recently moved to Mumbai, a move, she says, was prompted by the rise of the hip-hop culture in India.

After signing a deal with Sony India, her highly acclaimed collaboration with rapper Divine for City Slums was released, which garnered over 15 million views on social media. Over the last few years, she has worked with many legends in the music industry and has been a part of several Bollywood projects.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with this talented artiste as she speaks about her journey in the world of hip-hop.

Svetha Rao

What do you plan to do on Teacher’s Day this year? Will you reach out to that favourite teacher was your mentor, guide and friend? Or will you send across warm thoughts to the educators who moulded your life and made you the person you are?

This year, YSWeekender caught up with successful startup founders to find out if they remembered their favourite teachers and mentors.

These millennial CEOs revealed the most valuable lessons they learnt from their mentors over the years.

Check out what they have to say about the men and women who taught them the most important lessons of their lives.

Teacher's Day is a good time to remember the greatest mentors of our lives

As soon as the trees turn into shades of russet and gold in the western hemisphere and autumn rolls around in Europe and America, there is surge in tourism to these countries. This year, why not check out the delights of the UK, suggests our travel writer.

From the moors of Dartmoor and Exmoor to the legendary Lake District to the Baths on Avon River, the United Kingdom has scenic landscapes that are steeped in history and legend to delight any traveller.

Whether it is a pony ride in Upcott Squire or a trip to Wordsworth House, a show at Ustinov Studio, or a proper high tea with Sally Lunn buns, there is much to do in this beautiful country.

Join our writer as she tells you about five UK destinations that you must explore this year.

The city of York

Love the idea of beauty with substance? Don’t miss reading all about the entrepreneurship journey of Vanity Wagon, the inimitable organic beauty startup.

The popularity of organic beauty products never wanes, but did you know that the industry is expected to reach $19 billion globally by 2024?

It is the best time to step onto the organic beauty bandwagon in the country. Husband and wife duo, Prateek and Naina Ruhail tapped into this opportunity with their company, Vanity Wagon.

This Delhi-based online marketplace for organic beauty products launched last year and has been making waves ever since.

In this story, Naina talking about how Vanity Wagon takes responsibility for everything in the company, right from the sourcing of ingredients to the formulation, packaging and biodegradable disposal of each product.

Prateek and Naina Ruhail, and Sahil Shrestha

If you love pretty stationery, ladybug clips, blue kettle bells and other interesting knickknacks, head to Tynimo, the lifestyle store. This retail space that is similar to other Japanese-style stores like Miniso, is full of exciting merchandise at very affordable prices.

Along with a range household décor items, travel accessories, stationery, electronics, and jewellery, Tynimo is also known for its Indian handicrafts and its skin care range.

Here’s the story of how its founder, Vaibhav Jain, bootstrapped the venture with an initial investment of Rs 10 crore.

Vaibhav Jain

Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-founder, FB Celebrations Pvt Ltd, believes in living each moment to the fullest and making the journey of life memorable. Ask him what he is best at, and he would say it is the ability to be precise with numbers and figures.

His company curates bespoke experiences, from social functions to corporate events for their clients and he takes pride in orchestrating the most intimate of events with great flair.

Bhavnesh Sawhney

As for his motto, he believes that mountains have to be climbed so that you can see the world, and not so that the world can see you!

Check out his answers to our Proust questionnaire to find out more about this fascinating entrepreneur.

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)


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