Now you can shop on Google with its new enhanced search feature

Google has also added captions to the related images shown under the image so that users know where they are going before they click.

Starting today, when you select an image on Google's image search, you will see pricing options appear on a side panel next to the results. This upgrade enables Google to redirect a sale without having to open a website like Amazon for online shopping.

In fact, rumours suggest this is an attempt to lock horns with Amazon's ecommerce business.

To help users make easier decisions with shopping online, the search engine now allows them to see details like brand, price, availability, and reviews when they select an image of a product.

Speaking about the announcement, Mike Repass, a product manager at Google Images said,

"When you're searching the web for something like a new hairstyle, flowers for your garden or a new jacket, it can be helpful to visualise your options. We have overhauled Google Images on the desktop to make it easier for you to see what’s out there, learn more about the images you're interested in, and take the next step toward making your idea happen."

The product even stays at the same place on the right allowing you to scroll up or down. This lets users compare the bookmarked image with the other images (products) on the same page.

You can do this as many times as you want without having to lose track of what you just bookmarked. A single hit on the back button brings back the last image again.

The feature comes as a win-win also for retailers and publishers. The updated interface means that users would be more likely to visit a web page to get information or to buy a product on retail websites.

Earlier this year in May, at its Marketing Live Summit in San Francisco, the tech conglomerate announced the launch of new advertisements and shopping products. Along with this revamp, came shopping options on the bottom of YouTube videos as well.

It looks like the feature is arriving at the right time for Google as Facebook-owned Instagram has also entered the ecommerce space, rolling out a shopping feature on its app.

(Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta)


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