Indian startups raise $243.5M this week (and other top stories of the day)


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[Weekly Funding Roundup] Indian startups raise $243.5M

The Indian startup ecosystem raised close to $243.5 million across 11 equity funding deals. An additional $23.2 million was raised as debt in the last week of June. This accounted to an almost 62 percent jump from the last week when the startup ecosystem raised about $150 million in equity.

Ninjacart likely to get new investment from Walmart soon

Walmart is reportedly is planning to invest $50 million into Ninjacart and the deal may close in the next four to five weeks, sources familiar with the situation told YourStory. The final details of the transaction are still being worked out. If it goes through, it would be a big boost for Ninjacart.

The sorting process at Ninjacart

How Kalyan Kumar built a profitable digital marketing startup

Social Catalyzers’ Co-Founder Kalyan Kumar went from living in a villa to a shared apartment. It seemed like he had hit rock bottom. But he turned things around and went on to build an extremely profitable digital marketing startup.

Vaibhav Gupta and Kalyan Kumar started Social Catalyzers to "perfect the science and art of virality".

Engineering students create device with a nose for stale shrimp

The freshness of shrimp has a direct impact on the health of a consumer. Thus, it is quite important to be able to gauge if the shrimp has turned. Team Innovation Geekz from Vishnu Institute of Technology in Kovvada, Andhra Pradesh decided to address this problem, and got to the bottom of the freshness ladder at the Smart India Hackathon 2019 - Hardware edition.

Team Innovation Geekz

The Krishi is touching the lives of numerous farmers using AI

Realising concerted efforts are required to bring the farming sector into the tech fold, Ashish Mishra and Siddhant Bhomia founded The Krishi in 2018. The Gurugram-based enterprise offers a one-stop digital platform in the form of a mobile application for farmers to obtain useful tips and information to boost both productivity and income.

The Kisan Network app has assisted many farmers in their cultivation.

This woman entrepreneur is showing Goa's other side with Make It Happen

Maria Victor, who earlier worked with HP and Tesco, moved back to Goa to start Make It Happen. The experiential travel company aims to showcase the state's culture and heritage, and give tourists a chance to connect with locals.

Maria Victor wants to showcase an unseen side of Goa with Make It Happen.

This startup makes lending simple and efficient in Tier II and III India

Delhi-based RevFin is a digital lending platform that makes getting a loan convenient and accessible for customers in Tier II and III towns. It aims to primarily facilitate electric and cleantech vehicle loans. The team claims to make a revenue of Rs 5 lakh per month and says it will break even by the end of October.

Team RevFin has notched up over 18,000 app downloads, resulting in 4,000 loan applicants

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