Why startups fail; Indian startups raise $624.6M this week

Startups in India have become mainstream today. However, it is important to remember that up to 25 to 30 percent of all startups fail. Why? Find out.

Startups in India have become mainstream today, and have in their innovative leaps, changed the way consumers eat, shop, and travel. However, while we are celebrating startups and their growth curve, it is important to remember that up to 25 to 30 percent of all startups fail. A majority shut down within two years of starting up. While hindsight is 20:20, investors and mentors share the key mistakes startups make which can lead to failure. Read more to know.

[Weekly Funding Roundup] Indian startups raise $624.6M

Equity deals made their big comeback this week. About $624.6 million of equity funding was raised this week spread across 19 deals. While there were only three late-stage deals, the week saw 14 early-stage deals that together raised a majority ($254 million) of the total funding amount. 

How to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Many of the Ganesha idols that are sold in the market today are made of plastic, thermocol, PoP, and other non-biodegradable materials, which when immersed in water bodies have a detrimental effect on both the plant and animal life.

Inside Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s personal life

Dubbed the real-life Tony Stark, Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk is often compared to the Marvel superhero. In fact, the 48-year-old has been credited by director Jon Favreau for serving as an inspiration for the on-screen fictional character played by Robert Downey Jr.Musk even makes a cameo in Iron Man 2 as himself coming face-to-face with Tony Stark’s character. 

Elon Musk made a cameo in Iron Man 2

Lightspeed Ventures' entrepreneur programme giving wings to startups

First-time entrepreneurs do not necessarily have the resources or know-how to get an understanding. And it is startups like these that LightSpeed Ventures’ Extreme Entrepreneurs (EE) Programme aims to help. In its second year, the programme aims to help Indian founders find their feet, with no expectations in return.

Startups of EE 2018 programme

Why innovation is the cornerstone of startup success: Vivek Mansingh

Dr Vivek Mansingh, partner and mentor at Gurugram-based early-stage VC fund YourNest, has had a long and successful journey. In an interview with YourStory, he speaks about the importance of innovating, and why startups and companies should ‘think of innovation as oxygen for their organisations’.

Entrepreneurs from small towns empowering other women

Limited resources and conventional views can make starting up as a woman in small towns in India a tough task. But these five women entrepreneurs were determined to find success on their own accord.

(L-R) Gunavathy Chandrasekaran, Godavari Satpute, Sobita Tamuli, Pabiben Rabari, Anita Gupta

Google’s data-friendly search app is a delight

Google Go, which began as an emerging market innovation in 2017, is now available to Android users worldwide. The search giant decided to make the app available globally because, it says, “people everywhere can sometimes struggle with spotty connections, phone storage, and reading or translating text.” 

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