Twitter chief Jack Dorsey’s account just got hacked

Reportedly, the account was hacked by a group that calls itself the Chuckle Squad.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account has been compromised. 

According to technology publication 'The Next Web', the rogue tweets started pouring in at about 12:45 PST on Friday afternoon. The tweets indicate extremist and racial slur, and reportedly look like a coordinated effort between several accounts, many of which have been banned now. 

At present, there is no clarity on the details behind how the Twitter Chief’s account got hacked. 

Media reports stated that the tweets from the hacked account were sent via Cloudhopper, a mobile messaging technology service for businesses in the wireless space. Twitter had acquired the messaging service in 2010, when the company still had a lot of people using text messages for tweets. 

This means that the account may have been compromised via an authorised third-party app.

In addition to this, reports indicate that the account was hacked by a group that calls itself the Chuckle Squad. Dorsey’s hacked account indicates this with tweets suggesting to get the hashtag #ChucklingSquad to trend. 

According to 'The Verge', the same group attacked a number of YouTube creators and influencers last week. Many of the influencers and YouTubers at the time suggested their accounts were breached following a SIM card swap conducted by AT&T employees, the publication added.

Twitter’s Communications handle was quick to react to this crisis and accepted that Jack Dorsey’s account has been hacked and the company is investigating the matter. 

At the time of publishing this article, the term Jack was trending among the top 10 searches in India as well. 

Just in March this year, Twitter introduced its new approach to improve the health of public conversations. Jack had tweeted that the conversations on Twitter need a checkup as the platform has been increasingly accused for hosting trolls, hostility, hoaxes, and other ills. The company also asked for outside experts to measure the “health” of conversations on its platform.

(Edited by Dipti Nair)


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