From splash to style: meet electronics engineer and artist Chetana Ravi

In this photo essay, we showcase some of the vibrant art works displayed at the exhibition ‘Hues of Spike.’ We also share insights on creativity from this multi-faceted artist.

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Karntataka Chitrakala Parishath (KCP) in Bengaluru recently hosted an exhibition titled ‘Hues of Spikes,’ featuring the works of Chetana Ravi. Mythical and mystical characters mix with everyday scenes and scenarios, in her vibrant surrealistic style.

“I am an electronics engineer by qualification, but an artist by passion. Art has been my passion since my childhood days,” says Chetana, in a chat with YourStory. She cites Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh as influences in her art.

“Art for me is form of meditation. I rejoice in spilling colours on canvas, creating textures, patterns and stories. My inspiration comes from everything around me – nature, trees, animals, birds, women, sculptures and artefacts,” she explains.

She calls her style "hues of spikes" because the forms she uses have sharp edges, and hues because she fills every such form with multiple colours. These two patterns form interesting cross-cutting connections across her art works, as seen in this photo essay.

“From my childhood days, I was fascinated with colours, I used to break the sheet with these forms and fill them up with different colours, creating a flat texture,” Chetana recalls. She always finds time to indulge in art. “Where there’s a will there’s a way,” she jokes.

Chetana first took part in a few group shows at KCP. Her first solo show was at Sublime Galleria (see our photo essays on art exhibitions at this Bengaluru gallery here). She has participated in the India Art Festival in Mumbai and Delhi as well.

“I am also a freelance interior designer and interior decorator, and have designed some homes for my friends and relatives. I do a bit of jewellery designing as well,” the multi-faceted artist explains.

Chetana is a self-taught artist, and says she is still a learner and does not teach classes or workshops in art as yet. “For this exhibition, I specially made the bull series where I used metal leaf gilding,” she explains. She is planning her next series on monochrome works.

This photo essay features some of her works, such as Alchemy, Sheer, Mellifluous, Lilt, Behemoth, and Tree of Life. Depending on the theme, size and medium, Chetana’s artworks are priced from Rs 25,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

“For me, success is keeping my passion alive,” she enthuses. “Be appreciative of others’ creative abilities and encourage them,” she advises audiences.

Chetana also offers tips for aspiring artists. “Art is a difficult pursuit which takes years of perseverance to achieve one’s fullest potential,” she signs off.

Now, what have you done today to not just find your passion but persevere to make it a reality?

Chetana Ravi

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