Best of Weekender: Meet drink strategist Fraser Campbell, chat with singer Nikhil D’Souza, and a movie marathon inspired by The Family Man

This weekend, find out how to become a green traveller, brew some green coffee, and bring out the popcorn for some spy thrillers, inspired by The Family Man.

What exactly does a drink strategist do? There seems to be no clear-cut definition of this job profile, but going by what Fraser Campbell does, it looks like a profession that most people would love to have.

As a global brand ambassador for Dewar’s, a brand of blended scotch whiskey, Fraser hosts events, holds workshops, and travels around the world to put the joy back into the business of drinking whiskey. He is on a mission to dispel the myth that whiskey is a stuffy, serious drink.

Recently, Fraser was in India for the first time to create interesting whiskey-based cocktails for folks in Bengaluru.

Read all about his views on pairing alcohols, single malts, highballs, and the romanticism that surrounds a glass of pure whiskey.

Fraser Campbell

Remember those famous songs that you’ve hummed along to, like ‘O Gujariya’ from the film Queen, and Mere Bina from the movie Crook? Singer Nikhil D’Souza, who sang the playback for these Bollywood hit numbers, has just launched his new single, Sitaare.

His new song is based on the premise that our destinies are written in the stars. We will meet certain people in our lives, whether we like it or not. They might come to us in the form of lovers, friends, enemies or even soul mates.

In an exclusive interaction with YSWeekender, he talks about his musical journey so far.

Also, check out his new song that can be found on several music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and the like.

Nikhil D'Souza

If you are crazy about spy thrillers, you will enjoy the web series, The Family Man, that is streaming on Amazon Prime now. But if you’ve already binge-watched the series, you must be dying to watch similar spy movies that are replete with suspense and exciting narratives.

Here’s our list of must-not-miss spy dramas to spice up your weekend. From Mission Impossible and Fallout to Baby, and many more, there is plenty of entertainment in store for those who love this genre of films.

There is nothing quite as enthralling as stories of espionage, laced with intrigue and non-stop thrills that will keep you glued to your couch for hours.

So, check out our list, bring out the popcorn, and get ready for a movie marathon this weekend.

Mission Impossible-Fallout

As we observe World Tourism Day this week, why not go green for your next vacation? Check out our article on sustainable tourism, and find out how you can become a ‘green’ traveller.

From choosing low carbon emission transport for your travels to finding a carbon neutral resort to stay in and purchasing local merchandise, there are plenty of guidelines out there to help you become an efficient ‘green’ traveller.

If you’ve been wondering how to do your bit for Planet Earth, don’t miss our tips on sustainable tourism that you can keep in mind for your next vacation.

Choose green tourism to observe World Tourism Day

Can you imagine a day without coffee? But how about a cup of green coffee? As more and more people become health-conscious, they are looking for healthier alternatives for their regular cuppa Joe! One such alternative is the unroasted cousin of regular coffee called ‘green coffee’, which has become popular because it is both healthy and delicious.

As green coffee is not roasted, it retains the natural nutrition prevalent in coffee beans, and has three times more antioxidant power than regular roasted coffee.

Read our interview with celebrity chef Kunal Kapur to find out why we should choose green coffee and make health a priority this season.

Kunal Kapur

Do you love beautiful handbags? Do you dream of being a food-critic but also love to be an entrepreneur? Is your favourite author Haruki Murakami? If so, meet Nidhi Kumra, Co-founder and CEO, YourSpace, who feels the same.

Nidhi Kumra

Nidhi was with Lehman Brothers in London as a trader, and then worked at a bank for almost a decade before becoming an entrepreneur.

YourSpace is a hostel brand in India co-founded by Shubha Lal, Karan Kaushish, and Nidhi, and is an initiative by IIM, Cambridge, and Oxford alumni.

Check out Nidhi’s responses to our Proust questionnaire to find out about her greatest achievements, favourite possessions, top heroes, and more.

What’s more, she lives by the motto ‘Great things never came from staying in your comfort zone’, and believes that it is the only maxim that can lead to great success.

(Edited by Megha Reddy)


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