PGI India launches Men of Platinum: Platinum jewellery for men


In 2015, Professor Michael Kimmel, who created the first-ever university course on Masculinities Studies, stood in front of his class and asked them what they thought defined a good man. The adjectives the class came up with, “Caring,” “Putting other’s needs before yours,” and “Honest.” He then asked them what they thought what it meant to be a real man. The class responded almost instantly, “Authoritative,” “Suppresses weakness,” “Never cry.” Pointing at the disparity between the two lists, he noted that most men today had no real idea of what it was to be a man.

With the archaic codes of masculinity being questioned, there is a need now more than ever for a new definition of what it means to be a man. With access to opportunity, financial independence, status and authority between the genders increasingly being levelled, the codes that used to establish a man’s power and rank is also diminishing.

Today there is a tribe of men who are looking at different markers of success and individuality. They believe that a true leader is someone with rare values that leave lasting legacies. These men don’t expect things to be handed to them purely by virtue of their gender, rather they build their own path with their values intact. They seek a greater purpose, they look for stature & not just status, meaning & not just material wealth. They are men who are defined by their character. . Character that is defined by values that are hard to find and abide by and their milestones are not typical of the rat race driven climb. They persevere even when defeated, have the courage to take risks and stand their ground when hit by difficulties, have a curiosity to learn and the humility to learn from anyone and carry people along his journey to success.

Character of a man

Leading brands are also recognising the need to acknowledge this shift in gender definitions. Case in point is Gillette’s recent “#TheBestMenCanBe campaign which challenged gender stereotypes and the notion that “boys will be boys.” A recent research by Accenture shows that 63 percent of global consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that stand for a purpose that reflects their own values and beliefs.

Platinum Guild International – India is helping power this new narrative on masculinity with their platinum jewellery for men. Launched as ‘Men of Platinum’, the campaign brings to light the emergence of a new breed of men, men of character. These are men whose values define what it takes to be a man of character.

Conceptualised and developed by Famous Innovations, the campaign was launched on the September 18. Two social experiments marked the beginning of the campaign that aimed at testing a man’s character – his values which prove exactly how rare men with extraordinary values are – especially in adverse situations and more so when the stakes increase.

The campaign also consists of two brand TVCs that tell the stories of men who stand apart for standing by their values. Men like Karan a new father, who rightfully asks for three months paternity leave, challenging the patriarchy and the notion that men alone are breadwinners and women caregivers.

It also tells the story of ’Mr. Kumar’, who is selected ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ One sees his humility shine through when he invites a bunch of people who shouldered the startup risk with him to be part of this picture, fully acknowledging their role and the importance of carrying them along on this journey.

Through this campaign, PGI India brings to life examples of this new archetype – a man who holds these rare values dear and lives by them. The man today understands how inadequate his journey will be without values like perseverance, courage, humility, curiosity, authenticity or even the commitment to give back. He hence stands by them even though they are hard to abide by.

According to Sujala Martis, Director - Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International – India says – “Platinum is as rare as the values that define men of character, which is why we call them ‘Men of Platinum’. Today’s man aspires to lead a life of personal greatness, beyond the status defined by wealth alone. Look at the success narratives around us – they display an extraordinary set of values. The man today wants to be appreciated for these values and that’s the legacy he wants to leave. Platinum is the preferred metal of choice for this rare breed of men”.

It’s for men who have found platinum within.


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