Best of Weekender: Actor Ragini Khanna, cheddar cheese and meat jerky in the Land of the Midnight Sun

This weekend, find out how Ragini Khanna played a dark role, follow the success story of Tarsame Mittal, and learn how to manage your money.

How do you play the role of a sociopath in a scary film when you have never done a negative role in your acting career? This was the dilemma that actor Ragini Khanna faced when she was offered a dark role in Posham Pa, a spine-chilling digital film. So, she did the next best thing.

She channelised all the toxicity and negativity she could muster from her life into the role, and tapped into everything she had ever watched on crime news and read in books on criminal psychology to understand the character.

Don’t miss this candid interview with the talented actress as she talks about her journey in showbiz and her role in a digital film released recently on Zee5.

Ragini plays a sociopath in her new film, Posham Pa.

Imagine cycling solo in the dark in the Land of the Midnight Sun, with the temperature dipping to -5 degrees Celsius. The night is dark and freezing cold and the wind and snow are hitting your face with relentless ferocity.

There may be a loaf of bread, cheddar cheese, meat jerky, and almonds in your pannier, but where do you stop to eat a meal in such a wild terrain? Would you survive? Here is someone who endured all this and more, and is ready to tell the tale.

Read all about the adventures of Dhruv Bogra, Country Manager, Forever New, who braved the weather in the unforgiving slopes of the Yukon, traversed the wild landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, and cycled down the barren tundras.

Don’t miss this fascinating article on his epic journey as he cycled solo from Deadhorse in Alaska to Cusco in Peru.

A cycling trip from Alaska to Peru was full of exciting adventures.

Music is a big business today and no-one knows this better than Tarsame Mittal, Founder of TM Talent Management. He manages some of the biggest names in the business, including Arijit Singh, Vishal & Shekhar, Sukhwinder Singh, Amit Trivedi, Ajay-Atul, and Vishal Bhardwaj, among others.

Soon, he launched various brand extensions like Truly Musical, a special events division devoted to creating intellectual properties in the music industry. He also manages famous Indian comedian Kapil Sharma under his latest venture ‘Truly Comical’.

Check out what makes this brilliant entrepreneur tick and how his passion for music led him to great success.

Tarsame Mittal, the Founder of TM Talent Management.

Do you think managing your money is only about number crunching? No, says finance expert Preetha Wali, who is the Co-Founder of Pay it Forward, a Bengaluru-based startup that aims to educate women and youngsters and enable them take charge of their personal finances.

She explains how the most important part of planning your personal finances is to figure out your goals and check where you see yourself in the future. So, what are you waiting for?

Take out a pen and pull out a sheet of paper and get ready to make a plan. It is the only way you can learn to save money and get rich over the years.

Personal finance goals must be planned in advance.

You have heard of pop-up shops and pop-up events, but have you heard of pop-up restaurants?  Get ready for curated evenings, full of food, fun, and story-telling with Lore, the pop-up restaurant. Kaushik Raju, Founder of Lore, and his team create meals, capture memories, and tell stories through their food.

The pop-ups at Lore begin with a theme, check out the availability of good produce, find a location, and then come up with a menu. It could be a brioche topped with eggs, fermented chillies, drizzled with Parmesan cheese, or baby food served with vegetable mash and celeriac chips that could be on the menu, as long as they evoke stories, memories, and stories around the table.

If this concept sounds enthralling, don’t miss reading about their work and sign up for the next Lore event.

Lore curates meals for people who love food and stories.

If your hero is Sachin Tendulkar and if you love the Foundation Series by author Isaac Asimov, meet a startup founder who feels the same. Rachit Jain, Founder and CEO of a unique talent platform, Youth4Work, empowers people to assess and identify their own talents and improve their skills.

Rachit Jain

His idea of perfect happiness is doing something that will bring a smile to people's faces. He also believes that the women in a family are the real heroes of the world.

As for his motto, he believes that "the only easy day was yesterday", so be prepared for all the challenges that life will throw your way each morning but enjoy the journey too.


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