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Hiring a new employee may seem like an easy process, but in reality, this can be a lengthy and complicated task for large organisations. Picking the right candidate from a pool of candidates, while making sure that they are the right fit for the company, in today’s fast-paced business world, can prove to be counter-productive. And if you think only large organisations face this daunting task, you're wrong - startups have it worse.

As soon as startups start getting funded, there’s an added pressure to start the complex process of achieving hiring goals. In most cases, translating the business plan to talent plan marks the difference between success and failure. Unless you hire the right people, success is an impossible feat to achieve.

A key startup hiring requirement is that candidates be passionate and driven. While they have the unenviable task of picking out such individuals from a huge pile of CVs at hand, this is made even more difficult since they lack hiring experience and resources, they’re yet to build an established brand, and they cannot compete in terms of salary with big businesses. Also, most startups don't have a dedicated HR team to handle recruitment.

For them, the problem is choosing the right person, who will stay with the company for long, won’t add too much by way of financial burden to the company and will add value to the business. Where do you find this perfect combination?

A hassle-free solution for your recruitment needs

The answer lies in Taggd, a PeopleStrong recruitment solutions brand, that combines the power of data and human knowledge to deliver advanced talent acquisition solutions. With over 3-4 years of engagement of leading startups and unicorns, they have been able to deliver solutions tailor-made for startups, especially tech-based startups.

The power of these solutions comes from the comprehensive experience of serving over 14 industries, like technology, engineering, pharma, automotive, BFSI, e-commerce for frontline, lateral and executive roles. All the way from planning to sourcing to screening to the selection, Taggd sifts through its database of 2.6 million candidates to match and assess them against your requirement, at the click of a button. They offer talent attraction services like competitor brand mapping, workforce profiling to strengthen your brand; delivery and experience services to manage your processes; and advisory services like candidate profiling, talent mapping, performance for diversity hiring, evolving staffing team roles, and so on. What’s more, Taggd also promises a 30 percent reduction in time to hire a person, a 41 percent reduction in early attrition numbers, and a 53 percent increase in the number of candidates selected.

Here is how they digitise the entire recruitment process using technology:

Partner with Asia’s leading talent acquisition provider today

Since the last 13 years, they have catered to 100+ clients such as Pfizer, IndiaMART, Swiggy, Oyo, Wipro, Honeywell, Tech Mahindra, Renault Nissan, Aditya Birla Health Insurance and Citi Financial, among others.

Taggd by PeopleStrong is a four-time winner of the HRO Today Services and Technology Awards from 2014-2017, was rated as MPHRO Market Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix for 2014, and has published the ‘India Skills Report’, India's only report on the country’s talent landscape. The brand also has the required business understanding, recruitment expertise, talent network access, data intelligence and access to a robust tech stack to deliver business gains, by bringing together businesses, recruiters and candidates under the same roof.

Are you a startup facing a hiring challenge? Looking to fill a senior leadership position, or starting a project in a new, unknown city? Come and be a part of the Taggd journey, where expert head-hunters will help you find the right people for the job.

Visit www.taggd.in for more details or reach out to our Taggd experts at marketing@taggd.in or +91 9582506346.


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