From tech giants to leading unicorns, how Taggd by PeopleStrong is creating digital recruitment solutions for both large corporations and startups


With the current economic slowdown, one of the most pressing challenges for Human Resources (HR) teams is getting the right people into management and leadership roles. In any organisation, the HR team needs to maintain a balance when it comes to expectations. While investors and stakeholders look for enhanced productivity and profitability, employees seek enhanced wages, job security, improved working conditions, growth and evidence of corporate governance. The HR department’s job is to deliver increased productivity, increased capability, maintain a sustainable talent pipeline, all of this while ensuring regulatory and statutory compliance. While this may seem like a Herculean task, PeopleStrong’s independent and unique recruitment brand, Taggd, makes it easier.

Over the last 13 years, Taggd has managed permanent recruitment for over half a million positions, for established names like Wipro, Honeywell, Citi Financial Services, P&G, Tata Motors, MG Motors, Pfizer to name a few. Taggd caters to all your hiring needs, be it scaling up or down. Indirect costs and turnaround time to hire is reduced, and you find quality talent in the process.

They rely on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) through which companies have witnessed outcome-driven benefits and have been able to manage their recruitment requirements with efficiency and agility. Taggd helps it's customers increase their top line and improve their bottom line. To increase the top line, Taggd works on speeding up time-to-fill, improving quality of hire and reducing early attrition. To help improve bottom-line, Taggd helps organizations reduce their talent acquisition and retentions costs by optimizing new hire salary hikes, optimizing Talent acquisition operations using cutting edge processes and data interventions. They have a variable structure in place to absorb sudden business shocks, and there is assured long term viability and future of work readiness for organizations with Taggd talent advisory.

Automating recruitment and providing talent intelligence

A global tech giant was looking for a strategic partner who could deliver long-term sustainable recruitment processes and policies through better analysis of ROI on various initiatives and cost optimisation through process efficiency, self-service and automation. One challenge they faced was tracking applicants through the entire recruitment lifecycle.

They became part of Taggd’s end-to-end talent acquisition solutions, with a dedicated and dynamic central sourcing team, onsite interview management and coordination at multiple locations, and central team for documentation collection and offers generation servicing.

This resulted in a 118 percent decrease in joining time, 83 percent increase in female hiring, 38 percent hiring for niche skills and 51 percent hiring for critical accounts. Savings from the average salary hike reduction was Rs 9 crore and 30 percent improvement in selection ratio.

Taggd is not only for large corporations but even innovative startups like Ola, Oyo, Swiggy, RentoMojo have derived benefits from it.

Managing increased hiring drives and positions across India

A leading hospitality company in India was looking for an efficient and tightly controlled talent acquisition and retention strategy to generate stronger financial metrics and increased productivity. They wanted to hire for 300+ positions every month across 55+ locations in India.

Taggd’s techniques helped improve the quality of shortlisted candidates. They were able to augment the employee referral scheme, streamline engagement with staffing leaders through daily dashboards, huddles and weekly review meetings. They filled resource gaps by hiring interns and letting non-performers go. They also launched the Incentive Kicker to motivate employees in eminent positions.

In a short span of time, the selection ratio increased from 30 to 46 percent, employee referral from 2 to 9 percent and early attrition numbers reduced from 23 to 12 percent. They were able to manage 1,100+ hiring drives and ramp up permanent annual hires by 3X.

Improving time to hire for key roles

When a leading unicorn wanted to increase their customer base, they wanted an agile talent acquisition strategy that focused on increasing efficiency, and also on hiring the best talent for the highest priority roles that add immense value to the company and generate more revenue.

Taggd created comprehensive candidate profiles, so that positions that require niche skillset and behavioural competencies could be filled. They also promoted diversity hiring by exploring inclusive and bias-free recruitment and selection methods. To help track the right metrics, dynamic, error-proof dashboards and analytics were developed. They deployed AI matchmaking to automate resume review and candidate screening.

This resulted in increase of 45 percent increase in offer rollouts, 15 percent in selection ratio, 31 percent increase in joining conversion, and 114 percent increase in new joiners. There was a decrease of 8 percent in offer dropouts and 10 percent decrease in time to fill.

Like all these companies, if you’re also looking to fill a senior leadership position, or starting a project in a new, unknown city, learn how Taggd can help you find the right people.

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