Apply for YourStory Tech30; Amazon's partnership with kiranas

Apply for YourStory Tech30 for a chance to win up to Rs 10 lakh. Amazon's 'I Have Space' initiative has joined hands with 20,000 mom-and-pop store owners.

Over the years, TechSparks has been instrumental in building over 15 lakh connections, creating more than three lakh jobs, and helping companies raise more than $1 billion in funding. There's also the chance to be a part of the coveted annual Tech30 list - a proven launchpad for select innovative early-stage startups. And this year, there’s up to Rs 10 lakh cash prize to be won. This is a call to action from YourStory to startup founders to put their best foot forward. Apply here!

How Amazon is partnering with kiranas for deliveries

Amazon has, under its I Have Space initiative, joined hands with 20,000 mom-and-pop store owners in 350 cities across India, making them delivery partners. The retail and tech behemoth aims to leverage this network to penetrate deeper into big and small cities.

Meet Ashwini Asokan who built an AI retail disruptor in Chennai

Ashwini Asokan certainly does not all the stereotypes. At Mad Street Den, the AI startup which she launched in 2013 in Chennai along with her husband Anand Chandrasekaran, Ashwini fills in the shoes of the CEO (with her husband as the CTO). 

Ashwini Asokan, Co-founder and CEO of Mad Street Den

Vincent Lou on why Club Factory wants to increase focus on India

Chinese ecommerce firm Club Factory recently announced its expansion plan for the Indian market, saying that it plans to onboard 10,000 sellers on its platform this year. In an interaction with YourStory, Vincent Lou, Co-founder and CEO of Club Factory, speaks about the company's gameplay in India and what keeps him interested in cross-border business.

We are capable of achieving whatever we want: Sminu Jindal

Sminu Jindal, Managing Director of Jindal SAW Limited, never knew how to give up. Giving up simply doesn’t exist in her dictionary. Although bound to a wheelchair since she was only 11-years-old, Sminu has not let anything come in the way of her dreams. She has broken the glass ceiling as one of the first women to enter the steel, oil, and gas sector, and taken on every challenge her way to take Jindal SAW Limited to greater heights.

Sminu Jindal, MD, Jindal SAW

How Miracle Foundation is empowering orphaned children across India

Texas-based non-profit Miracle Foundation, which operates in Delhi-NCR, has given a voice to over 6,075 orphaned children in India. So far, around 687 children have been placed with families, 320 have been trained in life skills and technology, and more than 200 have received mental health support.

Caroline Boudreaux (center), Founder, Miracle Foundation.

Women entrepreneurs who successfully built startup unicorns

To reach the top is not just about the right product and the ability to scale but also about having a good product-market fit, and a driven team of leaders. Then, there are other challenges - raising funds, making profits, becoming profitable, reaching the $1 billion valuation - or achieving the unicorn status. While the unicorn club, like most others, might seem like a boys’ club, there are several women entrepreneurs who have managed this feat.

L -R: Emily Weiss, Jennifer Hyman, Jennifer Fleiss and Neha Narkhede

TransUnion CIBIL's credit scores help SMBs secure easy loans

CIBIL, one of the most popular credit bureaus in India, was started in 2000. In 2017, American consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion acquired a 92.1 percent stake in it, after which it came to be known as TransUnion CIBIL. Today, it claims to have credit data of over 2,400 members, including banks, financial institutions, NBFCs, etc.

Sujata Ahlawat, VP and Head of Direct-to-Consumer Interactive, TransUnion CIBIL

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