How these openings at Bounce can help build a career in customer experience

Bike-rental startup Bounce is solving traffic woes in cities like Bengaluru. Be a part of the new wave of commuting with these multiple job openings with the startup, which is responsible, accountable, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Bounce is a smart mobility solution, with a mission to make daily commute stress-free, time-saving, reliable and, convenient. The bike-rental startup is taking lessons from cities like Amsterdam to popularise riding instead of using automobiles. With presence in 11 cities, there are many conscientious individuals ready to ‘bounce’ on to their commute.

Pick up a bike through the app, and drop it anywhere after a journey, those yellow scooters are everywhere.

Be a part of this eco-friendly company and its concern for cleaner air with these new positions as senior managers that help enhance consumer experience.

Varun, Arun, and Vivekananda - Bounce founders

Here’s YourStory’s curated list of jobs that will help you be a part of the new wave of responsible businesses.

Group PM – IoT

Experience needed: 4-6 years

Bounce is looking for a responsible candidate who excels at understanding the needs of the customer and innovating to satisfy those needs. They should lead the strategy and development of an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, including defining platform requirements and customer experience. Simply put, they must be able to devise plans to improve IoT services.

Group PM – Transactions Platform

Experience needed: 4-6 years

The primary requirement of the candidate is to understand in depth financial markets and customer needs. They should also be able to identify market opportunities and find ways to bring in more revenue streams by modifying features. If you are capable of adapting and troubleshooting in a technically complex environment, you could be the ideal candidate for this role.

Group PM – Analytics & Customer Lifecycle Management

Experience needed: 4-6 years

The candidate should be able to work towards reducing customer churn and sustaining the existing customer base. They will be responsible for analytics, customer insights, and revenue opportunities. They must also be able to charter customer segmentation and drive customer lifecycle growth.

Group PM – Partner Ecosystem

Experience needed: 4-6 years

As a group PM for the partner ecosystem, the candidate will be responsible for entering into strategic partnerships and managing partner relationships. They need to provide support on product propositions across ecosystem partners. Additionally, they will be expected to interact with the partners about the company’s strategies and ideas.

Senior Director/ Director, PM – New Initiatives

Experience needed: 6+ years

The company is on the lookout for a director for new initiatives who will take ownership of new business initiatives, and strengthen existing assets. They must track, report, and optimise the metrics for business. Bringing in independent and original ideas will be a prime requirement.

Senior Director/ Director, PM – Operations/ Supply Chain

Experience needed: 6+ years

The selected candidate’s responsibility will revolve around planning new product processes to facilitate customers. They should manage inventory and establish controls to ensure proper operation and minimised supply chain risk. They will have to develop practices that ensure reliable quality and service performance from suppliers.

Senior Director/ Director, PM – Data Products

Experience needed: 6+ years

The selected candidate will have to build, develop, and maintain data models, design technical processes to address business issues and optimise data intake at Bounce. They should be capable of anticipating future demands of initiatives and work collaboratively to implement solutions for the same.

Senior Director/ Director, PM – Consumer Experience

Experience needed: 6+ years

Bounce is a consumer-friendly company and aims to enhance this every step of the ride. The new director for consumer experience will be responsible for checking service quality, and working to enhance service delivery to consumers. They will have to define and implement segmented engagement strategies to understand and solve the consumer’s problems.

(Edited by Suruchi Kapur Gomes)


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