How Oracle for Startups is enabling startups to explore the possibilities of free cloud and level-up their solution


Bootstrapped startup is engaged in building a conversational AI assistant. uses deep insights from product descriptions and user reviews to come up with precise recommendations and answers to follow-up questions that the customer might have on any of the shortlisted choices. The assistant addresses queries related to food, travel, entertainment and shopping experiences and can be deployed across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Helping build this web-scale conversational intelligence technology in a cost-effective manner is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Having worked with other cloud providers, we have found that Oracle Cloud is less complex. The technical support available has been great,” says cofounder Pranav Tyagi. “Currently we are using Oracle Compute Cloud and Load Balancer services. This powers our entire platform, including our NLP and AI algorithms that run on vast amounts of public web data. All the client deployments of our AI Assistant are also set up on Oracle Cloud. To top it all, compared to our previous deployment, we have witnessed a significant reduction in our overall costs.” joined Oracle for Startups in 2018 and has grown significantly since then.

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Creating a cycle of innovation

A unique acceleration programme, Oracle for Startups enables mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, Oracle and its customers. It starts with free cloud credits and enables rich collaboration with opportunities to engage with Oracle’s vast network of mentors, product experts, and customers—creating a cycle of innovation.

The programme is open for startups in the technology space with a large addressable market. Startups can be either B2B or B2C, and be of any size, stage or located anywhere in the world.

The programme does not take equity from startups, and also ensures that startups receive personalised mentorship and market connections. What makes the mentorship offered under this programme different is that the product experts guiding the startups are often former entrepreneurs who have joined Oracle via acquisition and chose to stay on board but are also closely involved in the startup ecosystem. The mentors have experience in all aspects of doing business including marketing, product development and sales.

The possibilities of free cloud

As part of the programme, startups receive $500 of free cloud credits (at a 70 percent discount, with the option to apply for more), migration credits and technical support. Startups across the world vouch for the fact that the Oracle Cloud delivers the speed, security, and value they need to scale. The cloud credits being offered as part of Oracle for Startups will give more startups a chance to verify this for themselves. Oracle believes that once the cloud credits get used, startups will have experienced Oracle Cloud well enough to know if it is the right fit for their needs and understand better how it will help them develop transformational technology.

Additionally, Oracle Cloud has no vendor lock-in, so it fits in perfectly with a multi-cloud strategy. With simple price structure and licensing, Oracle delivers lower cost of ownership on a robust cloud solution that offers an exceptional array of container shapes and sizes that are right for startups.

An opportunity to engage with Oracle's clients and its global ecosystem

Another aspect that makes the accelerator programme interesting for startups is that it unlocks the opportunity to level-up their solution, gain exposure and connect with Oracle’s global customer base.

Selected startups within the programme get the opportunity to speak onstage at global Oracle and third-party events, get introduced to high-level product management personnel to discuss integration strategies, receive introductions to potential customers, and get exposure to global media members and analysts.

“Our business is accelerating in large part due to the benefits of running on Oracle Cloud, connection to enterprise customers, and world-class mentoring,” says Govindraj Muthyalu, CEO of CashPundit, a FinTech startup that offers a cloud-based Cash Flow Management (CFM) solution. “With Oracle Cloud infrastructure, our speed, ease of use, and performance is far better than many others. And this is allowing us to help solve a major pain point for financial executives faster, better and more efficiently.” A member of Oracle for Startups, CashPundit says that the Oracle partnership in addition to helping the startup position for further scale and customer growth, particularly on the technology side of things, is also benefiting from introductions to Oracle’s global customers. “The Oracle global startup program is the best thing that has happened to us,” says Muthyalu.

In short, Oracle for Startups goes beyond just business and technology, and aims to understand the need of startups to partner with them accordingly. At the same time, it also demonstrates how Oracle Cloud delivers the speed, security, and value that the startups need to scale.

So if you are a B2B or B2C tech startup and want to level up your business with technology support and a secure, value-priced cloud, join Oracle for Startups.

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