Inside the new Modi app: Instagram-like Stories, live events, 'exclusive' content, and more

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official app got a makeover recently. The new features are aimed at improving communication between the party leadership and voters and volunteers.

To mark the 69th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently, his eponymous app got a makeover. The PM's official Twitter handle declared that the upgraded app is much "faster and sleeker" and "enables easier access to exclusive content".

The revamped NaMo app has introduced a slew of new features that will offer an "immersive experience" to users. The app is available in English and 12 Indian languages, including Hindi and Urdu.

Along with an all-new interface, the NaMo app comes with a one-touch navigation and a slide-access feature that lets users browse through content related to the Prime Minister and the current NDA government.

This includes daily news and updates, infographics and illustrations, government projects that are work-in-progress, Modi's blogs, Mann Ki Baat episodes, NaMo merchandise store, and much more. The app also features an online showcase of exhibitions organised by the BJP across the country.

In one of its most interesting features, the app has an Instagram-like 'Stories' section displaying short snippets of the PM's daily activities.

Other new features include "content recommendations" based on users' browsing patterns, and a content section called ‘NaMo Exclusive’. There is also a 'NaMo TV' tab that features video interviews and clips of the PM.

Users can also leave their ideas and suggestions for Mann Ki Baat episodes. They even have the option to communicate directly with the PM through a Messenger-like feature.

The NaMo app is calling out for "micro-donations" from users. You can enter your personal ids, choose a cause to support, and select an amount upto Rs 1,000.

Reaching out to both voters and volunteers

The Modi app was primarily designed for information dissemination. Hence, both citizens/voters and those associated with the government stand to benefit.

"For anyone in public life, the smooth flow of information is empowering. Two-way flow of information ensures that people are aware of initiatives and benefit from them," said a NaMo app user.

The BJP is encouraging social volunteers to use the app to stay abreast of new government schemes, latest achievements, and other "authentic" information. They can also use it to connect one-on-one with the party leadership and even the PM.

Party officers too can use the app's 'New India Connect' feature to track, monitor, and stay updated about various volunteer initiatives, activities, and "works-in-progress" across states.

The app's “Create Event” feature is for galvanising people on-ground and online. "These can be transformed into virtual 'Jansabhas' and 'Jansampark Abhiyans' which can be conducted anytime at almost no expense. This will have far-reaching positive implications," added the app user.

There is also a 'Go Live' feature for amplifying social outreach.

Finally, in terms of content, there are plethora of research articles, trend pieces, news and other reading material. The BJP reveals that the NaMo app is being "actively used by lakhs of users all over India as well as abroad".

It recorded 15 million cumulative installs on Android and iOS, and is one of the most popular apps for any political leader across the world.


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