‘The success of any business is reflected in its positive impact on the ecosystem’ – 35 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From innovation to impact, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

In this edition of StoryBites, we feature notable quotes from our regular coverage of this past week (see the previous post here). In tomorrow’s edition, we will feature outstanding quotes from our annual flagship conference, TechSparks 2019. See also our compilation of Top 50 Quotes from 2018 here.

Be fundamentally curious. If you are curious, you become hungry, and you find ways to learn. - Akash Saxena, Hotstar

If you incorporate this growth mindset in your DNA early on, it does give the necessary competitive edge. - Karena Belin, WHub

It’s becoming prestigious to be an entrepreneur, but it can be lonely, too. -  Leonid Goncharov, Anticafé République

Asking for help is the hardest, but the best thing you can do for yourself. - Autola

The ear hears. The brain listens. – Pauline Oliveros

People should accept that mental well-being is just like physical well-being. - Neerja Birla, Mpower

This is the new age of brain enhancement and mental health, which is safe and technology based. - Kumaar Bagrodia, NeuroLeap

Blockchain creates a very secure environment despite being a peer-to-peer technology platform which is quite public. - Vaideeswaran Sethuraman, Param Network

Enterprises are just entering the era of AI and they need tools that can help them use data efficiently by deploying AI. - Vamshi Ambati, Predera

We are very much on track to have 100 unicorns by around 2025. This is a very interesting phase for the Indian startup ecosystem. - Rajan Anandan, Sequoia

One important thing that founders from metros can learn from their peers in small towns is the ability to manage cashflow. - Anil Joshi, Unicorn India Ventures

There is a huge potential for supplementary services such as car cleaning and repair, using disruptive technologies, besides the provision of auto accessories. - Kalyandhar Vinukonda, CleanseCar

Indians are travelling for leisure more than ever before, seeking adventures and interesting experiences, both within and outside the country. - Sweta Jagirdar, Tres Monos Capital

With the world’s largest youth population millions in the county entering the workforce every year, it is critical for India to create a robust employment and entrepreneurship ecosystem. - Ramanan Ramanathan, AIM

Agritech is one of the few sectors that is yet to be disrupted. There are many opportunities to create depth. - Ashish Khetan, Indigram Labs

Despite India controlling almost 25 percent of tea production, there is almost a negligible presence of a premia India brand on the world map. - Nikhil Vora, Sixth Sense Ventures

The Indian healthcare industry has seen an upward growth trend in the last 5-10 years and diagnostics is an integral sector contributing to the growth. - Suresh Vazirani, Transasia BioMedicals

Not only the liquor licence, but getting the fire NOC has also become a hassle, and this is the primary reason why people these days refrain from entering the hospitality industry. - Umang Tewari, Big Fish Ventures

In India, not enough research has been done about unique species of bamboo, particularly in North-East despite it being the highest bamboo growing region of the country. - S M S Bordoloi, Boocane

Organizations that support diversity benefit from a rich pool of insight, information, experiences and talent. - Shirin Salis, Ingersoll Rand

Building an inclusive and safe environment and supporting women employees when they really need will help in having them bring their whole self to work. - Rose Tsou, Verizon Media

Digital villages are providing opportunities for women and girls at their doorstep to empower themselves. - Lovely Singh, Alawalpur BPO centre

The combination of phone screening and powerful matching helps companies in reducing the candidate screening time by 95 percent. - Bipul Vaibhav, Skillate

Organisations today are seeking a point solution which can deliver continuous performance management, on-going feedback and recognition for the employees. - Samarth Masson, Dockabl

Working through the supply chain helps you understand many problems. - Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Ninjacart

People today – especially the younger generation – are very selective regarding what they eat and drink and how it will affect their health. - Sachin Kumar, Sattuz

The world of food is beautiful but being able to create for others is better. It is a skill, an art form that needs to be practised. - Chef Niyati Rao

Motherhood is something that is unifying by its very nature. - Shreya Lamba, Mommy Network

The toy should never overpower or guide the child; the child should be the driver of the play experience and learning. - Meeta Sharma Gupta, Shumee

Compassion is the antidote to judgement and rejection. - Akshatha Hegde, Psyqie

Traditional art must reinvent itself and appeal to the younger generation or the evolved aesthetic of the Indians of today. - Pooja Singhal, Atelier Tradition & Beyond

It is up to us to continue on this path of evolution; in gratitude to our vast textile and craft heritage, or to erode all that has been built over a thousand years. - Payal Jain

The success of any business is reflected in its positive impact on the ecosystem. - Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Flipkart

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