The incredible story of world's first blind person with a PhD in German Studies (and other top stories of the day)

The first blind person in the world to have completed her Doctoral Degree in German Studies, Urvi is also the brain behind the new independent concept of aesthetic perception called ‘Adrishya Rasa.’

For many like Urvi Jangam, who turned blind as a premature baby while in the incubator, aesthetic perception is cultivated very early on in childhood. The first blind person in the world to have completed her Doctoral Degree in German Studies, Urvi is also the brain behind the new independent concept of aesthetic perception called ‘Adrishya Rasa’, the ability to perceive aesthetics without the visual sense, by using the other five senses.

Her paper, titled ‘Aesthetics of the Non-Visual,’ is a rare, first-of-its-kind research on the blind, of the blind, for the blind (and the sighted), by a blind.

A tête-à-tête with Freshwork’s STS Prasad

STS Prasad, SVP of Engineering at Freshworks

This week on Techie Tuesday, we feature the SVP of Engineering at Freshworks, STS Prasad, who has pushed the boundaries to make software democratic. He’s leading development from the front at the Chennai-based SaaS startup, which may be the first product company from India to go for an IPO.

How Shineel Tilwani built multi-crore business The House of Artisans

The House of Artisans Founder Shineel Tilwani

Despite facing several road bumps on her entrepreneurial journey, Shineel Tilwani established The House of Artisans (THOA) in 2016. Starting with just Rs 12,000, she managed to break-even in six months. With a global clientele, the company today clocks Rs 2 crore in revenues.

How 2019 is panning out for Amazon and Flipkart

This festive season, RedSeer predicts ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart will likely see a GMV spike of seven times as compared to the six times in 2018, driven by keen interest from regular urban shoppers and those from Tier II and III India.

Women from Aseem Shakti are empowering themselves by producing instant wear sarees

Aseem Shakti team

While the elegant saree is yet to establish itself firmly as workwear for women, there are attempts to make the garment functional and easy-to-wear. Started as a self-help group, Aseem Shakti is not only empowering women but also creating fashion for working women that is both affordable and innovative.

11 years of Zomato: CEO Deepinder Goyal on Gold, logout campaign, food delivery

Deepinder Goyal, Co-founder and CEO, Zomato

Zomato diversified itself from restaurant search company to food delivery company, and currently, has expanded to 24 countries and serves 10,000 cities globally. It clocked a revenue of $205 million in the first half of FY20, which exceeded a total of $206 million in revenue for FY19.

Safe Water Network is providing pure drinking water to 3 lakh people

Founded by late actor and philanthropist, Paul Newman, in 2006 in the US, along with other civic and business leaders, the Safe Water Network (SWN) was launched in 2010. It has impacted more than 300 communities in India and Ghana.

5 small business founders who found success after quitting jobs

Quitting a stable job can be a scary step during India's ongoing unemployment crisis. Data from the CMIE shows the unemployment rate in India went up from 6.47 percent in September 2018 to 8.19 percent in August 2019. SMBStory has curated a list of some small business entrepreneurs whose decided to quit their jobs and set up successful businesses.

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