Best of Weekender: A tête-à-tête with influencer, Ranveer Allabadia, a heritage holiday designed by a prince, and delicious rolls with a twist of lime

This weekend, we learn from Ranveer Allabadia how to become a social media influencer, the power of the art of Pattachitra, and why men love fashion too.

Ranveer Allahbadia, better known as BeerBiceps, is one of the OG influencers in the Indian social media community. Starting with a YouTube channel in December 2014, where he used to document his personal fitness journey, Ranveer has gone from one platform to another, conquering each space with his insightful videos and relatable posts. His vlogs today are as varied and diverse as his personality, and he covers topics that range from fitness and personal finance to entrepreneurship.

Ranveer Allahbadia

Don’t miss our exclusive interaction with Ranveer, as he spills the beans on how he manages his work, his three golden rules for aspiring social media influencers and why he has no room for negativity in his life.

A heritage holiday in a palace is popular among tourists who love historic venues

Whether you want to sit on a terrace and sip a Chilean wine by a lake at night or gaze at ancient artefacts by day, there could be nothing better than booking a holiday in a heritage hotel.

One such beautiful hotel is the Fateh Prakash Palace in Udaipur, which is a property of HRH Group of Hotels, presided over by the Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, who is the Executive Director of the group.

Ever since it was opened for tourists, the palace grew famous for its historic suites and its repository of exquisite chandeliers, rare paintings, crystal and porcelain collections. It has been painstakingly preserved for guests who can experience the original lifestyle and décor.

Read all about how to enjoy a holiday here and learn some history too.

Kathi rolls

If you love the flavour of kathi rolls that are bursting with delicious meats and spiced with chopped chillies, red onions, and fresh lemon juice, or if you like flaky, crisp paranthas, stuffed with lamb mince and eggs, you will enjoy reading all about these street foods from Kolkata.

Join our guest writer Chef Ananya Banerjee as she takes you down memory lane with her, as she reminisces about her childhood when she would enjoy these snacks daily.

Ananya began her culinary career by publishing a book called, Planet Gastronomy, which was a compendium of 100 global recipes from 60 different countries and later, she created some compelling video content for the India Food Network.

Find out how to make the street foods of Kolkata from a celebrity chef, who is also a food stylist and YouTuber.

The art of Pattachitra

The eastern region of Odisha is the perfect destination for any art enthusiast and culture lover. The traditions are so deep-rooted that they are found in the daily lives of the people, the food, the art, and so much more. 

One such tradition is that of an art form, called Pattachitra. When our travel writer decided to visit the artisan village in the area, she found that this art has remained within the fold of the artisan community for generations.

Read all about her conversation with the artists and how she discovered that one of the works of the artisans was selected by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a present for the then French President François Hollande, during a diplomatic tour.

Don’t miss reading all about this fascinating art form and how it has evolved over time.

Fashion startups cater to the new generation of style-conscious men

Despite the widespread belief that women care more about being fashionable than men do, history shows that men have always been just as conscious of their appearance. During the Victorian era in Europe, men paid great attention to the attire they wore and many even used makeup.

In his article on the changing landscape of men’s fashion, our guest writer, who is the founder of a fashion accessory brand, tells us how startups have changed the way the male population perceives clothes and accessories.

Check out this insightful article to read all about the world of men’s fashion.

Namu Kini

Do you dreaming of flying a plane or playing the piano? Are you passionate about being an entrepreneur? Is your favourite artist, Frida Kahlo? If yes, meet Namu Kini, Founder of, a contemporary art gallery that showcases Indian art.

Namu is also the Co-founder of the organic food startup, HappyHealthyMe and used to run an online talk show for women.

In her responses to our Proust questionnaire, she tells us all about her heroes in real life, her treasured possessions, her values and much more.

And her motto, “Wake up, lace up, show up” is her secret of success as an entrepreneur and she believes it can help you, in your workplace and in life too.


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