This Bengaluru startup is paying Rs 1 lakh to interns to sleep for 9 hours a day

If you think your top skill is sleeping and you can make a living out of it, here’s a chance from Wakefit.Co that you wouldn’t want to miss.
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Whoever said that you cannot sleep all day and still make the big bucks, was seriously mistaken. There’s a dream job on offer, and if you are willing to take the shot and pass all the qualifiers, you might just end up with Rs 1 lakh at the end of it.

All this for some serious, uninterrupted, quality nap-time.

Bengaluru-based online sleep solutions company has come up with a unique opportunity, called the ‘Wakefit Sleep Internship’, for interested candidates, who are ready to demonstrate their sleeping skills for nine hours every night, for a period of 100 days.

Source: Wakefit.Co

As part of this internship, shortlisted people can work from the comfort of their homes and slumber on the finest of mattresses, which will be provided by Wakefit. The company, in addition to the mattress, will be providing their ‘Sleep Interns’ with a sophisticated fitness and sleep tracker and regular counselling sessions from sleep experts.

Of course, this is besides the Rs 1 lakh stipend that the interns can take home at the end of the 100 days.   

“As a sleep solutions company, our biggest motivation is to inspire people to sleep better. As we continue to live life in the fast lane, sleep is unfortunately becoming a common casualty, adversely affecting our health, productivity and quality of life. The Sleep Internship initiative aims to bring back the focus on sleep health by celebrating and applauding people who obsess about sleeping well,” Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-founder, said, commenting on the sleep internship.

He added, “We are looking to recruit the best sleepers in the country who are willing to go to any lengths to make sleep a priority in their lives. This initiative is another step towards making sleep an integral part of maintaining work-life balance in our lives.”

While this indeed is a dream job, there will still be a round of interviews to select five-eight lucky winners, who would be ideal for the job. Any kind of absenteeism from sleeping diligently or laziness in going to bed on time or use of laptops during the time of the internship will be highly frowned upon, as per the company.

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Founded in March 2016 by Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Wakefit is a research and innovation-driven sleep solutions company. Their product portfolio includes mattresses, pillows, bed frames, mattress protector, comforter, neck pillows and much more.

(Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta)


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