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6.3k CLAPS

A staggering 11.47 lakh students appeared for the JEE Main exams this year, of which a mere 1.73 lakh scored enough to write the JEE Advanced exams, the gateway to the coveted IITs. These figures are not surprising, given the ever-increasing interest in the engineering discipline.

Cracking such exams become the singular focus of students right since school, and it can get stressful. However, correct guidance, attention to detail, mentoring, a stress-free environment and good study resources are key in helping students realise their dreams – and FIITJEE ticks all these boxes, and some more.

Why join FIITJEE?

‘Efforts + Perseverance + Commitment’ is the mantra that FIITJEE follows for its unparalleled success in shaping the future of lakhs of students over the years. In fact, FIITJEE is ranked as India’s number one coaching institute for engineering entrance exams by India Today. Moreover, out of the top 50 All India Rank holders for the JEE Advanced 2019, 21 were from FIITJEE. In JEE Advanced, FIITJEE has been producing the highest number of selections in the country for the last 23 years.While these statistics speak volumes about FIITJEE’s prowess, there is much more that goes into molding young minds and giving them the correct opportunities.

Among the most important reasons to join FIITJEE is its stress-free approach to quality education.

All India Rank 2 in JEE Advanced 2019, Himanshu Gaurav Singh says, “Many students and parents believe that preparing for JEE is stressful. I can firmly say that at FIITJEE, it is not. Strengthening the fundamentals and enhancing the analytical ability is the key. If you follow the FIITJEE system with absolute focus and dedication, then you will be devoid of any stress and anxiety.”

Innovating education

Innovation is the driving force towards excellence, and FIITJEE has been at the forefront of innovation right since its inception, having introduced revolutionary platforms for better learning and unmatched results. FIITJEE wears the crown for launching several unique programs such as integrated school programs, computer-based all India tests and the rank potential index.The Integrated School Programs combines the competitive and/or scholastic exams preparation along with the school curriculum to ensure success in both.

In addition to the launch of FIITJEE Junior Colleges in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, many schools across India have joined hands with FIITJEE to create ideal school education platforms to help students get admission into IITs & US universities.

"This journey from just an IIT-JEE coaching institute to the most powerful brand in serious education has been exhilarating. However, the journey is not over yet. For us at FIITJEE, the journey will never be over. For us, the journey itself is the destination," founder chairman DK Goel says.

FIITJEE is also the innovator and creator of performance analytics which is given to students through myPAT -- the online test series. myPAT focuses on analytics using intelligent data metrics to review each student’s performance. This helps students capture performance metrics like time management and speed. It has the capability to predict accurate Rank Potential Index (RPI) of a student as well as the Specific IQ Test to test the temperament & potential of a student for IIT-JEE.

Apart from these, the institute also conducts competitive, computer based FIITJEE All India Test Series to help students understand their readiness for the exams. Till now, it is the only institute that can successfully predict a student’s Rank Potential Index (RPI) and relate it to his or her future potential rank in IIT-JEE and various other exams.

What makes FIITJEE stand out?

The institute prides itself on having quality teachers for holistic learning. It has a pool of highly competent, full-time faculty members. It is also a pioneer in launching unique pattern-proof teaching in which they prepare students to give their best and optimum performance, even if the pattern of the exam is changed last minute. FIITJEE continually introduces new and different questions periodically for early exposure among students. It takes care in maintaining an optimum batch size and an ideal student- teacher ratio, to pave the way for a healthy, personalized and interactive learning environment. The institute also ensures that students have an enabling environment equipped with proper classrooms to keep them stress-free. FIITJEE's study resources have been prepared based on years of experience and includes practice assignments with different types of questions. It helps in building the fundamental concepts along with consolidating overall grasp on topics.

Consequently, FIITJEE has been producing the highest number of selections in JEE Advanced / IIT-JEE for last 23 years. It has also held the top spot for producing exemplary results in JEE Main, KVPY, NSTE, Olympiads for over two decades.

Starting early gives a competitive edge

Serious students aspiring for success with a good rank in JEE Advanced, JEE Main or other competitive entrance exams understand the importance of starting early in their preparation for IIT-JEE. FIITJEE’s early edge programs are designed to give dedicated students that extra advantage that can help them secure a top rank.

Archit Bubna, AIR 3 in JEE Advanced 2019 is one such student who enrolled in FIITJEE when he was in Class VI. He studied with FIITJEE for seven years and underwent Academic Metamorphosis which empowered him to secure not only All India Rank 3 in JEE Advanced 2019, but also achieve top success in NTSE, KVPY, Boards and International Olympiads.

So, if you are an IIT-JEE aspirant and wish to excel in your board exams and other scholastic exams, it is imperative that you appear for FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam (FTRE) on December 29. Students presently in class V to XI are eligible to apply. Last date to apply is 22nd December. Register here

Why take the FTRE?

This exam will give students an opportunity to enroll in FIITJEE programs and study with the best peer group. The brightest minds that join the FIITJEE program through FTRE are grouped in the starting batches at FIITJEE. Hence, these students get more time for revision due to early completion of the syllabus.

Apart from this, enjoy benefits like lower program fee (fee will increase for subsequent tests), cash scholarships and a chance to avail waivers on program fee.

Students will also get a realistic prediction of their All India Rank in JEE & Other Competitive or Scholastic Exams in the form of Rank Potential Index (RPI), get an external evaluation of their IQ specifically for JEE Advanced, JEE Main, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads etc. and join a FIITJEE Classroom or Integrated School Program.


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