With every order, India is improving the livelihood of many families

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After frequent glances at your front door, and waiting anxiously for the Amazon package you ordered to be delivered, there’s nothing like that moment when you get your product and excitedly unpack it. But, have you ever wondered about the people who make these seamless deliveries to your doorstep each time you need something? Do you know the impact you’re creating for the faces behind the products you buy on Amazon?

These packages hold a lot more – they hold the stories of the dreams and hard work of individuals who, with their grit and passion, are earning a livelihood and sustaining their families. With each package, it's not just the consumers and decision-makers who experience great value, but also the sellers, artisans, partners, and brands at Amazon. The tremendous response and trust that you show towards them, through Amazon as a channel, is helping them improve their lives, and in turn, contributing to the economic development of the country. Every policy, every product decision, every item that gets added to the cart, every doorstep delivery is a step towards India’s inclusive growth.

Amazon India has over five lakh small businesses, artisans, women entrepreneurs, and emerging brands selling on their marketplace, each of them investing in their own dreams. From handicrafts and skincare to nutrition bars and traditional Rogan art, these sellers come from diverse geographies such as Odisha, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, and so on.

One such seller is Rani Ravindran, an enterprising homemaker from Periyakulam in Tamil Nadu, who sells wooden toys and cotton pillows to earn a livelihood. She wanted to achieve something meaningful, and be a role model for her children. She tried her hand at e-commerce and today, through selling on Amazon, she has buyers not just from Periyakulam, but from as far away as Kashmir. With 1,500 orders per month, she is able to support her elderly mother as well. "Everyone knows me as Periyakulam’s first Amazon seller. I’ve also started helping many women set up their business online. From making my children proud, to helping women build their businesses, I’m grateful that today I’m able to inspire the people in my life," says Rani.

Ravi Donga, 20, from Surat, Gujarat, longed to gift something to his eight sisters, being their only brother but was unable to. He started selling women’s ethnic wear on Amazon, with one design created by his sisters. Today, he has over 1,453 unique designs in his store. With the amazing turnover, he has finally achieved his goal of wanting to buy something for his sisters with his own money.

The weavers in Pochampally have also benefited from the orders that come in from Amazon. Hand looming, as a profession, was passed down to them by their forefathers. They used to sell garments at proper rates and had fewer customers, which left them with no money for food, and even led to people dying of starvation. With e-commerce, they've been able to sell directly to customers, profits have increased, and today are able to feed their families.

This festive season, each order you place changes the lives of these sellers, delivery agents and partners. It brings happiness, bright lights and sparkle to their homes and families. Thank you India…your contribution has been the reason for their success, and made their festival celebration even more Dhamakedaar (bigger).


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