[Jobs roundup] Love working with data? Here’s an opportunity to become a statistician

If you are quick with analysing statistical data and enjoy critically evaluating mathematical theories, check out these job openings for a statistician.

In the business world, where there’s a new startup kicking off every day, every company needs well-analysed and interpreted data to plan its next move. As the need for information increases day by day, the role of statisticians is also in high demand.

Statisticians primarily work on statistical data and help companies understand quantitative data, identify trends, and make predictions. They evaluate and examine statistical methods and procedures to validate and verify data accuracy. Hence, a statistician is very crucial for the growth of a company.

YourStory has curated a list of job openings for statisticians.

Bio Statistician

Indegene Private Limited

Experience needed: 1-6 years

Indegene is on the lookout for a bio statistician who will be responsible for delivering statistical solutions for publications and conferences. They would be expected to transcribe analysis plans into computational solutions. They must also lead study teams to ensure high quality for all assigned deliverables and processes.

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Senior Statistician

Icon Clinical Research India Private Limited

Experience needed: 4-9 years

Icon is looking for a statistician with experience in using computer languages and software packages like SAS. The selected candidate will have to provide statistical support for clinical studies and write analysis plans. They will have to monitor and verify the work of statistical programmers and assist in the preparation of biostatistics input to ICON research proposals.

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Experience needed: 1-3 years

The company is searching a motivated candidate for the position of a statistician. The selected candidate will be accountable for accurate and timely delivery of statistical deliverables. Their role is to explain complex statistical ideas to internal clients, translate client needs into project plans, and troubleshoot problems. They will also lead statistical training on standard models. Expertise in desktop and UNIX toolset is a must.

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Statistician Specialist

Novo Nordisk India

Experience needed: 7-12 years

A highly experienced statistician is being searched by the company to coach their statisticians with GD-GSC Biostatistics. They will be the technical head within GD-GSC, and also support in the planning and coordination of statistical tasks. They must analyse the need for new methodology and ensure that the standards of statistical methods are high.

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Lead Statistician

Profectus Analytics

Experience needed: 4-7 years

The candidates for this role must be proficient in statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualisation, and expert in Python. They will be responsible for conceptualising statistical modelling framework, analysing big data, and validating the model outcomes. They must be a team player with excellent interpersonal skills and be upbeat to learn quickly.

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