[Jobs Roundup] Do you like to teach creative arts? These openings may be right up your alley

If you love spending time teaching kids and have a knack for guiding them in creative arts, here are a few openings for you to become a teacher.

Academicians believe that a balance of curricular and extracurricular activities is essential for proper development of a child. In fact, many children personally opt to learn music, dance or participate in drama. As a result, special training for these arts in schools has significantly increased over the years.  

Extracurricular teachers are specialised in any of these art forms (music, dance, drama, crafts, or sports). They are responsible for training the children in the art form, monitor their progress, and evaluate their performance regularly. They strive to teach students as well as encourage them to experiment with art.

YourStory has curated a list of openings in the teaching profession:

Speech and Drama teacher

Appletree International

Experience needed: 0-1 years

Appletree is on the lookout for zealous freshers who are interested in directing plays. The ideal candidate will be a committed teacher whose responsibility lies in facilitating theatre programs. They should coordinate with the other departments for school events. They must also conduct parent orientations, assess performances and direct plays regularly.

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Zumba Fitness Instructor

Snap Fitness India Pvt Ltd

Experience needed: 1 year

Candidates for this job role will lead aerobic classes in the Zumba style. They must demonstrate exercises and monitor client progress. They will have to guide the clients in maintaining a fitness routine and promote general fitness.

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Teacher – Extracurricular activities

Daisy Montessori School

Experience needed: 5+ years

The preschool is looking for enthusiastic teachers for extracurricular activities like dance, yoga, art, and craft. The candidate must be a passionate and creative teacher who loves kids and is dedicated towards teaching them patiently. They will have to discuss with parents, maintain a positive environment, and take up the responsibility to nurture children through training programmes.  

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Swimming coach

Axcess Consultancy Services

Experience needed: 1-5 years

The organisation is looking for a determined swimming coach who can teach new swimming styles and strokes. They should be able to use a variety of activities to promote water confidence in the swimmers. They will analyse and help improve the techniques, stroke placement, speed and style of the swimmers.

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Dance teacher (Primary school)

Deens Academy

Experience needed: 2-5 years

At Deens Academy, the selected candidate will be assigned duty to ensure the students’ interest in dance by setting challenging tasks. They need to focus on maintaining pace of the course and also enhance student performance. The dance teacher should teach the art of dance to the children in the most effective way possible.

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Craft and play facilitator

Tugbug Creative Private Limited

Experience needed: 0-5 years

Candidates applying for the role of a craft and play facilitator should be passionate and optimistic to provide an imaginative art world to the children. They must keep the children engaged with new stories, crafts and music. They should ensure the safety of the children while maintaining a hygienic play environment. They should be flexible to experiment with new teaching methods.

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(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)


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