The next big digital transformation in education is automation, and YES SCALE CampusConnect is your go-to platform

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Technology today has transformed how we learn. Virtual classrooms, digital whiteboards, mobile learning apps and related tech has become mainstream in education. Technology has also paved the way for new pedagogies and new ways of approaching the learning process. However, most of this transformation is focused on learning delivery and outcomes, leaving day-to-day administrative and management tasks out of its purview. While the former is important, the administration of a school also comes with overwhelming responsibilities including managing expenditure, reputation as well as parents’ expectations and ensuring student performance and growth. Realising this gap, today an increasing number of educators and educational institutes are advocating the need for automating internal processes, streamlining routine activities and enhancing programme delivery -- so that they can further focus on students and pedagogy. That’s where YES Bank’s YES SCALE CampusConnect comes into play. It is a curated digital platform to support the administration in managing multiple institutes, staff, students, all under a single platform, thereby reducing overhead expenses.

Providing one-stop access to all educational beneficiaries

Automation is one option that can provide administrators, students, teachers and parents access to the required data from anywhere and anytime. There are different areas in a typical educational institute that can be automated.

  • Administration - Academic administrators are responsible for working behind the scenes to keep schools running. This includes creating schedules for each class, maintaining student attendance and placement data, processing grades and report cards, student enrolment, certificate generation, etc. Many of these activities are heavily paper-based, labour-intensive, repetitive, and time-consuming. By deploying automation, much of their current manual labour and paperwork can be entirely eliminated, leaving them time to be more creative and inventive. With CampusConnect, they can facilitate utilisation reports, automate fee collection and due alerts, monitoring funding and sponsorships, manage staff performance, generate detailed balance sheet analysis, and even predict student dropout rates. This will help them focus on what matters in education: developing deeper and more meaningful relationships with teachers, students, and parents.

  • Student training and progress - For teachers, the process of marking attendance and collecting homework, grading assignments and testing requirements all cut into the amount of quality instructional time in the classroom. With CampusConnect, students can be provided with RFID cards to capture attendance automatically and alerts can be sent to the teachers if students are absent or late. The process also includes the automatic generation of a routine attendance report whenever required. Even a handful of minutes saved every day will result in a rapid return on investment, measured in both actual costs and improved student outcomes. When it comes to the countless homework, quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, some have assistants, but most teachers don’t. Automation allows for automatic grading for homework, allowing teachers to spend more time with students on projects, and allows students to receive feedback on their work faster. Using CampusConnect, teachers can engage with students through gamified learning, and bring lessons to life with Virtual Reality for experiential learning and higher knowledge retention.
  • Parental connect - Research shows that when parents are involved in their children’s academic performance, children perform better in school and are even healthier overall. Automation electronically delivers progress reports and attendance reports to parents, and reminds them to pay their ward’s fees on time. They are also more relaxed about their child's security because they are constantly notified every time the child is absent or on leave, and can track the school bus from any place, any time. Through CampusConnect’s parent-teacher chatroom, parents are informed about the ward's performance and can keep track of their grades. The software also provides an effective career guidance solution by recommending a wide array of career options based on student’s strengths and weaknesses. Overall, this enables greater transparency among all parties, improves the parent-teacher relationship and benefits the students and school as a whole.

While these are just a few areas where automation can make a huge difference to how schools function, there are several others like security systems, classroom hardware and extracurricular activities, which can be made seamless with automation software like CampusConnect.

Scale your educational operations with YES SCALE

YES Bank is partnering with Indian corporates to build a competitive edge across various fields, including Supply Chain and Logistics, Edutech, Clean Energy and Urban Tech, Agritech, and Life Sciences and Healthcare. Their initiative YES SCALE for Edutech is aimed at enabling the success of academic institutions and other stakeholders by providing them with end-to-end academic and administrative innovations.

YES SCALE CampusConnect gives schools a single view of key metrics across finances, administrative KPIs, student lifecycle management, vendor management and staff management. The solution also enables fee collection, staff payment and vendor payment through the platform using banking APIs. Monitoring student attendance and progress from any place, any time is made easier. Students also benefit as they can view their curriculum, submit their homework, and even work on performance improvement modules on the platform.

YES SCALE CampusConnect is already being deployed with 25+ schools/colleges across the country, allowing them to automate their complete operations as well as encourage Digital Fee Collections.

The future of automation is here with YES SCALE, and schools can now leverage cutting-edge solutions for administrative work, freeing up more time for meaningful student interactions in the classroom. Keep watching this space for more such articles.


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