Platinum for Men: A rare celebration for a rare feat


In the past, success was marked by the house you owned or the car you drove, your career graph, or the balance in your bank account. Not anymore! 

The milestones and aspirations in a man’s life have completely changed and today, a new breed of men with character have emerged who seek personal greatness which goes beyond wealth and status.

These are men whose values define them and mark their character. They seek a greater purpose, they look for stature and not just status, meaning and not just material wealth. They don’t expect a life of privileges handed over – rather they build their own path with their values intact. They have the courage to pursue their dreams and bounce back if defeated, the ability to stand their ground and never retreat, the temperament to remain calm in the face of adversity, they follow their belief system no matter the outcome. Their curiosity to learn and humility to carry people along and even get others to rally around them is remarkable. They are a source of inspiration – the men that most men aspire to be. These men have found platinum within, they are rare men of character.

Men of character and their new milestones

Their milestones are different now. They now acknowledge milestones that teach and transform them into better people, milestones that are on their journey to personal greatness. They look beyond their family inheritance to start a new legacy or pursue a social passion, the courage to risk their life's savings to give life to their ideas and succeed. These men embody humility and understand that designations are best left in mere email signatures. They use their education and wealth to give back to the less fortunate in society and accept that it's okay to fail in life, as long as you can pick yourself up again. And most importantly, they stay true to themselves, to their beliefs and values.

Only platinum for men of character

And these men of character have picked the rarest of precious metals – platinum to mark these milestones. There’s a reason for the choice. It’s the one metal that embodies how rare they truly are. It is a metal that is rare to find, found in select locations in the world and requiring a mastery of skill to turn into jewellery – again something only a select few are capable of. It displays many rare qualities like natural whiteness, a high density, high resistance to corrosion, purity at 95 percent. Men perceive platinum to be a metal that is differentiated, a marker of success and style. Rare platinum is symbolic of the rare values that sets some men apart from the others. 

Platinum Guild International (PGI) has recently launched its debut collection which offers platinum jewellery for men. The Men of Platinum collection includes a wide range of versatile pieces for men like platinum rings, chains, bracelets and kadas. Borrowing from the theme of ‘staying true to one’s core character’, each piece from the Men of Platinum collection has been crafted to evoke a rare value that represents a true man of character. The versatility of the designs coupled with unconventional and statement silhouettes makes each piece in the collection a ‘one-of-a-kind’ and ‘rare’ platinum piece and thus a must-have for every Indian man!

Here’s our top six from the collection:

  • Mr Comeback Specialist - When you have one dream shattered, but pick up the pieces and build another one because you understand that failure is part of success.

  • Mr Get Back Up - When you tell yourself you can't and won't stop, and fight to be fit in record time right after a serious setback because powering through your struggles has always been your motto.

  • Mr No Plan B - When you decide to pay your own rent and move out of home because you know it is the first step towards becoming a self-made man.

  • Mr Letting Go - When you realise that taking the family name forward begins by letting it go because all legacies don’t share the same foundation.

  • Mr All or Nothing - When you risk your life-savings on a startup idea close to your heart, and it truly pays off in the end.

  • Mr Side-kick - When you take leave to be the sidekick to your son’s superhero act in school because you’re a man of your word.

  Let the design tell your success story, celebrate it with platinum today.


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