Platinum preferred: How platinum defines the new men of character


There’s a new breed of men on the horizon. Men that aspire for stature, not status. Men that seek meaning, not material. They are men who believe that character above all is the ultimate differentiator for a man today. Character that is measured with rare values like courage, perseverance, humility, authenticity and commitment to give back. For these men, nothing, not even adversity shakes the ground they stand on. Their word unsaleable; their values, unshakable. They are men of character - so rare that only a rare metal like platinum is befitting of celebrating them and their milestones.

Why platinum? It’s the one metal that truly captures the essence of their being. Found in a few places on the planet, it takes hands of a select few craftsmen to turn this rare element that came to earth two billion years ago into precious jewellery. Platinum is as rare as the values that define men of character which is why we call them Men of Platinum.

Read on to see why Platinum is increasingly becoming the choice of men of character, and what do they have in common with the metal.

Men of character are rare

When Frank Sinatra sang A Good Man Is Hard to Find, it rang a bell then as it does today, decades later. Character isn’t factory-made. It doesn’t come off the shelf, isn’t inherited or handed down genetically. It’s not up for sale, and certainly not commonplace.

There’s a reason why platinum defines the new breed of men. It’s the one metal that embodies how rare they truly are. Even today platinum is found in only a few select locations around the world. Simply put, platinum is exceedingly rare. Much like the men it has come to define.

Men of character are understated

Being understated is a reflection of true depth of character. A man who is understated often goes beyond looks to play into depth, drive, layers and style. A statement cast in fluidity, platinum has been described as the epitome of the new breed of men who convey their resolve and power without a boisterous display of machismo. Appearing minimal and meaningful, platinum jewellery stands out in a crowd, carrying a special panache. And the best part is, the naturally white metal can effortlessly transition from day to night and be used to add instant glam appeal to almost any outfit. Platinum jewellery is all about stature, not status; it’s about meaning, not material.

Men of character play the long game

As the world moves into an era of perpetually accelerating disruption and change, resilience as a characteristic is especially important in the current generation. We live in a generation that prioritizes instant gratification, and resilience is a sign of a strong character. Not giving up and persevering through failures or difficult times is what builds character. A quintessential quality of platinum, whose distinctive character of resilience is why it is universally considered a noble metal.

Platinum’s timelessness reflects this attribute. The metal’s unique qualities give it the duality of being trendy yet eternal. Its unique qualities allow it to stand the test of time and be passed down across generations. If you look closely at a piece of well-loved platinum jewellery, you will notice a satiny finish or patina on the surface that developed over time. Platinum’s patina is celebrated by jewellery lovers and designers because it underscores the metal’s authenticity.

Character transcends time, as does platinum. Through the ages, from the hands of the most skilled craftsmen, platinum found its way into the realm of royalty with monarchs like King Louis XV to music royalty like Elvis Presley. Today, it continues to take centre stage in defining men who are at the top of their game: true men of character.


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