PubNub bets big on India; expands to support the explosive growth of realtime and new economy mobile applications


India is experiencing a rapid digital transformation. Smartphones have grown from five percent market penetration in 2014 to close to 30 percent penetration this year, alongside a rapid drop in cost of data. As a result, India is experiencing explosive growth in real-time applications and services, accessed through both online and mobile devices.

This has encouraged PubNub, a leading messaging-as-a-service company to expand its presence in India by adding a local team in sales, support and solutions engineering, which will be headed by a new regional director Siddharth Ghosh. PubNub also announced the addition of a new datacenter in Mumbai to its global network.

The new facility will ensure continuing quality of its service to local customers as user demand in realtime and new economy mobile applications see a massive growth.

PubNub’s technology platform enables realtime interaction such as in-app chat, online social experiences at live events, shared document collaboration, location tracking, and IoT device control, among others – all examples of “connected experiences” that bring users together in shared interactions.

PubNub currently serves more than 30 of India’s largest and fastest-growing digital companies in food delivery, rideshare and other new economy applications.

“On-demand economy applications, such as rideshare services and food delivery, e-learning and collaboration applications, and applications for logistics, tracking and provisioning are all areas where digital transformation is creating new opportunities for startup and enterprise business disruption,” said Todd Greene, CEO, PubNub.
“India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in this regard, where growth in devices that tap into the digital economy is fuelling demand for these realtime services,” he added.

PubNub has been successful in addressing a key challenge of ensuring quality in such times. It enables realtime interaction at scale, with the ability to support more than 100 million devices interacting together in the same shared experience, at the same time.


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