‘Challenging yourself is the biggest challenge’ – 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From passion to performance, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

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Learning never stops, whether you are 20 years old or 50. Learning can also come through conversation. - Shalini Prakash, Epic.one

As a company, if you are sharply focused on what you do and what you don’t do, the positioning would eventually solidify in the consumer’s mind. - Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal

Every business reaches a plateau. That’s when you need to think about jumping the curve. - Shanu Mehta, MMC Convert

Don't hide your talents just because of what others think and say. Pursue your passion as a profession to succeed in life and reach great heights. - Susharitha Sugumar, 'Art Souk'

Independent content in general has had limited visibility even within the countries where it’s made; there is huge untapped potential for cross-pollination of such content across the markets. - Arun Rathi, Pickurflick

Franchise businesses are hard to manage because they are fundamentally remote. - Tushar Mishra, Survaider

Even in the current times, a lot of individuals are not up to date with news and are unaware of the events taking place around the world. - Sumedh Choudhry, NewsBytes

Batch-cooking with the core ingredients easily prepared in advance can help millennials to cook. - Mira Shah, 'The Millennial Kitchen'

Cloud kitchen is an exciting phenomenon worldwide. The industry is growing at the highest CAGR as compared to other segment and restaurant industry. - Karan Tanna, Ghost Kitchens

Smart contracts are an integral part of blockchain technologies. Smart contracts are code executed on the blockchain network. - Rahul Pathak, AWS

Internet political ads present entirely new challenges to civic discourse: machine learning-based optimisation of messaging and micro-targeting, unchecked misleading information, and deep fakes. - Jack Dorsey,Twitter

Mindful AI is designed not just with human behaviour in mind but also with human values and aspirations. - Ovetta Sampson, Microsoft

People should look to emerging economies to discover truly innovative ways of using technology. - Giles Colborne, ‘Simple and Usable’

With more than a billion people speaking over 30 languages in 1,600 dialects, India’s diversity is unequivocal. - Sanjay Mehta, Mirum India

Organisations from almost all industries are hiring data science experts in India to help them garner insights from big data. - Prashant Ramappa, AT&T

The last-mile problem is still a major issue both for logistics and consumer goods companies in India. - Sandeep Deshmukh, ElasticRun

Poverty keeps parents from sending their children to school. - Biraja Prasad Pati, Nature’s Club

In India, we are parented in a way that we get very good values. But the whole culture forgets to tell us to also value ourselves. - Swara Bhaskar

It is important for the entire ecosystem to come together to address the rising skill gap in the country and invest in the future of our workforce. - Chitra Arumugam, Commissioner, Bhubaneswar

The dream of providing affordable quality education to millions of students in India will be made possible soon by our entrepreneurs. - Binny Bansal

Students count convenience, ease of concentrating at home, and reduced travel time as their top reasons for pursuing online courses. - Savita Garg, Eclassopedia

If you look at the amount of data available on the Indian genome, it is limited. Even if one out of every six individuals is Indian, we are not there yet in understanding our own genetic makeup. - Anu Acharya, MapMyGenone

We all know someone who has lost a family member in a road accident because help did not arrive in time. It’s quite unfortunate and the sad reality that we are living in. - Prateek Kumar, Vida Salvateur

Home decor and handicrafts is a Rs 9,000-crore market in India and it is only going to grow in the future. - Rahul Jain, eCraftIndia

Vietnam is a hub for furniture and is one of the largest exporters of solid wood furniture to India. - Pradip Singh Puri, Avian

Indian art has the power and creativity to compete on a global level. - Rohini Choudhary, 'Iridescent'

Good design is the perfect glue for the qualitative and the quantitative. - Gurman Bhatia, Reuters

Designers stand at the intersection of human and machine where interfaces are becoming more and more intuitive, even intimate, shifting from screens to voice. - Scott Sorokin, Infosys XD

Only experiences that are seamless and crystal clear will delight the audience; others will fail. - Rufus Deuchler, Adobe Systems

We as individuals need to become more responsible consumers – if that happens, the industry will also change slowly. - Sujata Chatterjee, Twirl.store

Sustainability in our country must simultaneously address improving the conditions of the people as well as the planet. - Miniya Chatterji, Sustain Labs

With Asia set to lead global economic growth in the coming decade, the region's companies and business leaders will play a prominent role in the sustainable development agenda. - Elena Philipova, Refinitiv

This mix of gamification and game-based learning in eco-warriors has proven to be effective when one wants to educate kids. - Veda Dean, Panda & Wolf Holding

People are more prone to commit nuisance when they know there’s no one preventing them from doing so. - Ajit Nayak, TagTeen

Letters can free a lot of demons within and it can be a therapeutic experience. - Paromita Bardoloi, ‘Letter From A Stranger, India’

A good memory can have a positive impact on both your professional and personal life. - Chester Santos, ‘International Man of Memory’

The stories of new age brands aren’t completed simply after their products are marketed; rather they continue to be told by the actions of those who use their products. - Ambud Sharma, Escaro Royale

It is not easy or always possible to organise a physical game. So, many people make the switch to online poker. - Varun Mahna, Poker Dangal

Authenticity is super important in the digital age. When you tell authentic stories, the chances of audience relating to you are very high. - Anirudh Pandita, Pocket Aces

Commercial success happens after many years of consistent work and creating your own story. - Bharathi Senthilvelan, ‘Art Souk’

Wake up, lace up, show up. - Namu Kini, KYNKYNY.com

Challenging yourself is the biggest challenge. - Ranveer Allahbadia, BeerBiceps

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