[Funding alert] Venture Catalysts invests in healthtech startup WonDRx

The startup plans to utilise the funding to provide AI-based healthcare solutions for all stakeholders.

Venture Catalysts has invested an undisclosed amount in heathtech startup WonDRx as part of its seed round. The startup plans to utilise funding to provide AI-based healthcare solutions for all stakeholders.

Mumbai-based WonDRx is a prescription digitising firm that organises handwritten Rx or receipts without forcing any change of behavior for any doctor. It has audios and videos embedded in it to inform about important dosage and other critical verbal instructions given by the doctor as well as to educate about health issues that you are suffering from. It also allows one to see see various healthcare service providers around them to connect with instantly.

Pankaj Sindhu, Founder WonDRx

With WonDRx, the doctor continues to hand-write every Rx like before with the help of WonDRx digital pen and Smart Rx paper – every written Rx is instantly digitized and the digital Rx copy is available to the doctor, patient and various healthcare providers (post patient consent) for fulfillment.

Dr Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Founder, Venture Catalysts said,

"At Venture Catalysts, we have always tried to support startups that fill a great need gap which also has a positive impact on the society at large. We have also recently focused our attention on startups dedicated emerging within the healthtech space, considering the immense prospects of the domain. WonDRx has a great potential and we hope this association will help them build the fastest growing healthtech organisation in India. The market is still untapped and considering WonDRx’s stellar offering, I believe they can be the leaders in this space within a very short time.”

Founded by Pankaj Sindhu and Pankaj Agrawal, WonDRx aims to develop a holistic ecosystem that facilitates quick and seamless information exchange in the world of healthcare. 

"Backed by a strong technology framework powering an innovative product perfectly addressing a pressing need, WonDRx has the potential to become a credible identity in the integrated healthcare space by 2024 while establishing the most impactful healthcare collaboration platform," Pankaj Sindhu said.

The startup offers three integrated apps - WonDRx Doctor App, WonDRx Consumer App (for patients/consumers), and WonDRx Provider App (for any healthcare provider). 

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)


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