Vowelor is bringing bibliophiles together (and other top stories of the day)

With more than 90,000 readers and authors, Vowelor connects readers and lets them discuss books in real-time, even helping them pick reads in an informed manner.

Reading books is one of the best solo activities ever. All you need is the perfect spot and you're ready. And if you want to add a little bit of luxury to it, maybe your favourite beverage and a little snack too. 

But there's one more side to reading - what do the others think? As a result, book clubs have been a part of our culture across countries and ages. However, with everything turning digital, how can we still be happy with old school book clubs? 

Enter Vowelor, India’s first community-based reading platform. With more than 90,000 readers and authors, the platform brings together all the stakeholders in the publishing ecosystem. The startup connects readers and lets them discuss books in real-time, even helping them pick reads in an informed manner. 

How Thiruvananthapuram fosters Kerala’s startup ecosystem

In recent years, Thiruvananthapuram has grown to offer more than the popular British colonial architecture, art galleries, and pristine beaches. Its nascent but thriving startup ecosystem has carved for itself a niche among India Inc.

Why Shanu Mehta decided to start up in fintech

Shanu Mehta did not ever think she would become an entrepreneur one day. However, a chance encounter with Rod Drury, Founder of Xero, led her to found fintech startup MMC Convert, along with her husband Ankit Mehta.

Edgistify is digitising logistics and supply chain

Kamal Kishore Kumawat, Antim Suman and Umang Shukla, Founders of Edgistify (L-R)

Thane startup Edgistify, founded by two IITians and an entrepreneur friend, facilitates planning, vendor discovery, evaluation and finalisation. Incorporated in 2017, Edgistify is a conjunction of “Edge, Logistics and Simplify,” and its parent company is Optisuppqly Chain Solution.

BEFACH 4X is tackling India’s hard water problem

Co-Founders of BEFACH 4X, Uday Nadiwade (Center) and Rajesh Saraf (Right)

BEFACH 4X's D'Cal water softener, launched in 2018, is an eco-friendly and cost-effective device that turns hard water into soft water.

Survaider helps US businesses manage franchises and multiple locations

Survaider founders Tushar and Madhulika

Bengaluru startup Survaider has a new app Delightree. It is helping 10 multi-location US businesses improve customer experience with real-time actions.

This entrepreneur found success by selling Rajasthani handicrafts online

Rahul Jain, Founder & Business Head, eCraftIndia

In 2014, Rahul started eCraftIndia.com with a capital of Rs 20,000. The ecommerce company now deals in several thousands of SKUs and is clocking a turnover of Rs 12 Crore.

These serial entrepreneurs left their jobs in Australia to start up

Tagteen Co-founder and CEO Ajit Nayak

Odisha startup Tagteen helps teenagers voice their opinions without fear or judgement, show their talents, grab placements, internships, and scholarships.

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