Tired of keeping track of warranties? Innstal helps you keep them handy on your phone

A bootstrapped startup based out of Toronto, Canada, Innstal has launched an app that acts as a digital library for product manuals and warranties, allowing users to access essential documents on their phones.

There is a special joy in unveiling gadgets from their boxes, assembling the unit, and tinkering with them. However, this joy can be shortlived if you face a sudden glitch in your gadget and have to find the warranty details to either replace or repair it. Ishu Singh faced something similar when he was unable to find warranty papers, and he had to shell out money for the repairs from his pocket.

“This was distressing. I had to make peace with losing money on a faulty product just because I could not locate a piece of paper,” Ishu says. It was his eureka moment. He thought why not create a digital collection of warranties and manuals, making it easier for the end consumer. 

This is what Innstal does. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Innstal acts as a digital library for user manuals and warranties, allowing users to accumulate and access essential product documents when they need them. 

“The major challenge of setting up such a large-scale project was finding the right team. I had to source specialised experts from different parts of the world and set schedules and deadlines for various time zones,” Ishu says. 

Ishu Singh, the Founder of Innstal.

Building the app

Apart from the founder, Innstal has a team of 10 experts. Prior to starting Innstal, Ishu had worked for different product organisations for close to two decades and had tried his hand starting out different projects.


“Depending on the complex functionalities of building a platform like Innstal, the timeline can approximately be from a few months to a year. In my case, it took two years. The building costs rely on the quality of the final product you want to achieve. This expense can escalate beyond thousands of dollars,” Ishu says.


Currently, the Android app lets users access over 1.5 million manuals for all types of products. These documents are viewable on any digital device, and can also downloaded in text and video formats. Users can also save, share, and claim the warranty details of their products using Innstal.

The revenue and market 

Currently bootstrapped, Innstal currently claims to have over 10,000 downloads and more than 60 percent retention rate. In its pre-revenue stages at present, Innstal is looking at a B2B model for monetisation

The need for apps that organise and manage warranty and guarantee cards is fast growing. Innstal’s competitors include Keep Warranty, Expirations, Chambu, Expired, MrReceipt, and Zither, among others. 

Keep Warranty is available in multiple languages - Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French - and is available on both iOS and Android. Expirations keeps track of the warranties of different products.

“There are a few apps that either provide warranties or manuals. Innstal is the first-of-its-kind app that provides both essential documents as a single digital package. The app is free for all general users. However, certain functionalities of the app will be monetised, mainly when it is targeted for use by manufacturers who create and sell products requiring these warranties and manuals,” Ishu says. 

Still, in its early days, the team believes the next phase of the app would include machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

“There will be a significant focus on automating the platform so that users do not have to input any data manually,” Ishu says.

(Edited by Suman Singh)