How Zoho is enabling SP Robotic streamline their internal processes seamlessly


The National Science Foundation estimates that 80 percent of jobs created in the next decade will need some form of Maths and Science skills. In this context, building a strong foundation from an early age is important. “There are 4,000+ STEM centres across India but the quality of education is limited by the technical skill of the trainer,” say Sneha Priya and S Pranavan, the founders of edutainment company SP Robotic Works, which empowers young school students by introducing them to technologies like Virtual Reality, robots and drones in a fun and experiential way.

Founded in 2016, SP Robotic had built a partner portal with their in-house IT team to help them scale the centres quickly. But they had several requirements that needed a scalable software to handle internal tasks, as well as support with integrating their website with the partner portal. That’s when they came across the “Zoho for Startups” initiative that offered them Zoho One. Zoho One is the entire suite of over 45 apps that enables end-to-end management of a business. “We were a DIPP registered startup with Startup India and Zoho One was available for us at the right time,” says Sneha.

On how Zoho One has enabled their internal processes, she says, “Being a hardware and software company with sales and support teams, we needed completely different management systems for each of our teams. We were thrilled to have one software which the entire team could use.”

Earlier, they maintained excel sheets, where the credibility of the data and improper movement between stages made analysis difficult. Today, Zoho CRM enables them to analyse the timeline, from identifying leads to conversion, which has increased the team’s performance.

Also, they were using an inventory management system which was completely de-linked from their billing and ordering system, which created problems each time an order was placed. Zoho’s API got the job done by keeping a proper track of the inventory and its value across different stages of production. SP Robotic uses Zoho People and Zoho Recruit for HR requirements, Zoho Connect for internal task management, and Zoho PageSense for tracking activity on their website. The support team uses Zoho Desk to manage all the support provided to their customers via call and email. They also plan to use Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory and Zoho Expense in the foreseeable future.

Going forward, SP Robotics is planning to expand rapidly in other Asia-Pacific countries and the Middle East. For the company, it is critical to ensure that that their internal tasks are efficiently managed as they scale, and there’s no better partner than Zoho One to fulfill that requirement. “The best part is the flexibility in each software - you can add as many fields, configure the whole operations, and automate the entire process. This has helped our IT team integrate the Zoho system with our own system and increase efficiency,” summarises Sneha.


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