1MORE Stylish True Wireless: the best stereo earbuds in the sub-10,000 market

If you’re bound by a budget while choosing a pair of truly wireless stereo earbuds, look no further than 1MORE's new product. It sounds and fits well, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The truly wireless stereo earbuds market has suddenly exploded in India. There is enough demand and a fair amount of supply to match that.

Truly wireless earbuds are available in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and can suit everyone’s budget. Apple AirPods are the most popular of the lot, but those are restricted to the iPhone universe.

On the Android side, there are Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, Realme Buds Air, Jabra Elite 65T, Sony WF-1000XM3, and more that pack in a lot of features.

We tested the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds for about two weeks. And, here are our impressions.

1MORE has been associated with good audio products for long, and the Stylish True Wireless Earbuds take that tradition forward. Priced at Rs 6,199, these are among the most nifty and affordable pair of earbuds.

Design and fit

The earbuds have one of the best designs in the market. 1More has not compromised on either design or build quality.

The earbuds might appear bulky but they are not. They are, in fact, quite compact, fit securely, and have a single button on top that is easy to press. It feels durable and the metallic finish gives the earbuds a premium look.

The charging case, which sports a matte black finish, is shaped like a tiny pebble and comfortably fits into your pocket. It doesn’t feel clunky at all.

The earbuds are also pebble-shaped and come with an angular ear tip (with a 45-degree tilt), fitting perfectly in your ear.

There are optional O-hooks too that make sure the buds never fall out of your ears. The fin at the top latches on to the ear, making it more secure. The earbuds don’t pop out even during physical activity like running.

Navigation and sound

The button at the top is for play/pause and for accepting calls. During launch, you couldn’t adjust the volume of the audio, but a recent firmware upgrade has implemented that feature.

The signature sound tends toward the low-end quite a bit. Despite that, the bass sounds tight and makes a difference. There is a wide soundstage, although sometimes the background vocals can get a little lost amid instruments.

In a few pop songs, the vocals seem a bit masked and flattened by the other sounds. But, luckily that is the case only for a handful of songs.

Battery and connectivity

The earbuds have a fantastic battery life. We charged it only once over 12 days. The battery is rated at 6.5 hours. With the charging case, you get a whopping 24 hours of charge. This is, of course, when the volume is somewhere between 50 and 60 percent. A higher volume will impact the battery life.

Connectivity with smartphones was a breeze. The earbuds are supported by a pair of 7mm dynamic drivers inside each earpiece. You can connect via Bluetooth v5.0, or enable and also have support for aptX and AAC.

The only noticeable downside is that the case sports a micro USB charging port instead of the more convenient Type-C port.

Verdict: To buy or not to buy

So, should you buy the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds?

From an affordability point of view, yes.

Design and comfort, which are subjective metrics, may not compare with that offered by the Galaxy Buds, Jabra Elite 65T/75T, and other products which are priced well beyond Rs 10,000.

But, it is safe to suggest that these are the best wireless stereo earbuds available in the sub-10,000 segment right now. In fact, at an MRP of Rs 6,199, the pair is a steal.

The 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds offer good sound, great fit and superb battery life. If budget is your constraint, then this purchase decision is a no-brainer.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)


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