Here’s how meditation can help keep the workplace stress and toxic free

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Employees with a proper work-life balance do not burn out. This not only promotes a more inspiring and productive environment, but also less absenteeism.

It is well-known that having a job gives us a feeling of purpose – of belonging and contributing. With a satisfying job comes health, well-being, and money to fulfil our desires. But a lesser known fact is that a healthy, toxic-free workplace is built by its employees. 

Employees with a proper work-life balance do not burn out. This not only promotes a more inspiring and productive environment, but also less absenteeism. 

With the proliferation of new-age gyms in offices, employees now have easy access to the latest equipment to stay physically fit. Though this trend of physical fitness is a good one, we also need mental fitness. And this can only come from taking some time out from the hustle and bustle of daily life to sit quietly and rejuvenate our agitated minds.

Often, because of short deadlines, unscheduled work, and long hours, we ignore basic healthy routines, like eating well in a relaxed manner with regularity, and a peaceful seven to eight hours of sleep. This eventually plays havoc with our mental well-being and physical fitness.

Even more importantly, when our emotions are not well regulated, because of stress and worries, our hearts become heavy with problems and issues from the past. 

This then weighs upon the mind, and the imbalance leads to situations that are totally undesirable, affecting every aspect of life, including our work. 

When we are unhappy and unrested, how will our energies contribute to our work environment and affect our colleagues? We all know the answer.

Being able to listen to the heart with a calm mind can do wonders to build an empathetic supportive environment in the office.

One practice that can really help you with this is the Heartfulness Cleaning that is practised when you arrive home after a day at work. Cleaning removes all the impressions from the day, wiping the slate clean of emotional reactions and complexities. 

You will feel fresh and light, and in a much better mood to have a wonderful evening with the family. To complement this, Hearfulness Meditation each morning will centre you and prepare you to listen to your heart’s wisdom during the day. It provides a stable base to take on any challenges, as you are in touch with your higher Self and are able to pause and reflect before reacting.

Healthy happy employees make a healthy happy workplace. By following these simple practices, you will contribute to a healthy environment wherever you are. 

Work-life balance 

  • Have dedicated work hours without overtime. This will promote smarter use of time and result in better productivity.
  • Avoid calls or meetings on weekends to allow the time to pursue hobbies and recreation.
  • Spend time with the family, 
  • These will result in less absenteeism. 

Workplace environment 

  • Isolated capsules and work stations often lead to a lack of teamwork and communication. 
  • Green and peaceful surroundings help employees concentrate. 
  • Flexible desk allocation means that employees can move around and engage with different team members. 

Organising effective activities 

  • Organise activities like team sports, meditation, Yoga, choir, book club and group volunteering in the community on a regular basis. This will add a community dimension to the workplace and help break stressful work pressure. 
  • Offering activities that are of common interest will help employees connect with each other. 
  • Games and team sports will not just keep employees fit but will strengthen teamwork. 
  • A regular weekly meditation group will enhance everyone’s self-development, support productivity, and create a more heartful open environment at work. 

Health check-ups 

  • Most workplaces require you to spend hours in front of a screen each day. Organising half-yearly eye check-ups, and encouraging employees to take regular breaks from their screens to rest their eyes, will prevent the usual headaches and absenteeism. 
  • Conduct regular well-managed health and safety programs to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. 

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