[Jobs roundup] Are you an expert safety officer? Check out these openings

If you have critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and know data analysis and safety management information systems, these job openings may be for you.

The steady rise of the startup ecosystem in India comes along with the need to secure safety measures. Enter safety officers, who ensure that employees comply with company policies and adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines. 

The duties of a safety officer entail providing safety management, monitoring safety policies, conducting risk assessments, and enforcing preventive measures periodically.

They implement and maintain health and safety standards. There is a variety of positions among the safety officers, each one having a different specialisation. 

YourStory has curated a list of jobs for safety officers.

Safety Officer/Engineer

Lannan Consultant

Experience needed: 3-8 years

The company is looking for a detail-oriented candidate who is ready to act in emergencies and strictly follows the OHS guidelines. They should be conscious and farsighted and work towards strengthening preventive measures. They must review existing policies and update them according to legislation. Initiating and organising OHS training of employees will also be their responsibility.

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EHS Manager (Environment, Health, and Safety)


Experience needed: 7+ years

The site safety manager must be an effective communicator, who sends concise and consistent messages. They will be responsible for executing company safety policies and ensure employee compliance. They should identify best safety practices and incorporate these into the company policies and standards. They should know excellent safety programmes, and have environmental and ergonomic knowledge.

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Fire and Safety Officer

Jones Lang Lasalle

Experience needed: 2-4 years

The company is on the lookout for enthusiastic fire and safety officers, with great analytical and organizational skills. They will be responsible for maintaining the correct operation of fire detection/protection system. They will have to carry out fire drills and supervise fire inventory. They should conduct the standard test of existing firefighting equipment.

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Safety Engineer

DS-Max Properties Pvt. Ltd.

Experience needed: 2-3 years

The company is searching for a diligent Safety Engineer who can maintain and improve the safety policies of the company. Successful candidates should review plans and specifications for new machinery and equipment. They will have to identify and correct potential hazards by careful inspections. They should ensure that their product or building complies with the health and safety regulations. Evaluating the effectiveness of the mechanisms and installation of safety devices is their duty. 

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Safety Officer

K.M. Solution

Experience needed: Not specified

The company is looking for a Safety Officer to facilitate compliance with OHS guidelines. They should create, enact and update safety programmes for employees. They should advise on measures to minimise safety hazards at the workplace environment. They should oversee installations, maintenance, and disposal of substances. Assessing risks and possible safety hazards and stopping unsafe acts or processes would be their primary responsibility.

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(Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta)



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