Meet the four startups that were part of Maersk OceanPro’s second cohort and find out what they do

Four startups, which have developed AI and ML-based solutions, have graduated from shipping giant Maersk’s four-month accelerator programme, OceanPro. The names of the four startups that are part of the third cohort have also been revealed.

Denmark-based shipping giant Maersk’s OceanPro, a startup accelerator that focuses within the shipping and logistics industry, has announced the graduation of its second cohort and the launch of its third cohort.

The 120-day tech accelerator programme, which partners with startups to boost innovation and find tech-driven solutions, was launched in October 2018.

Sriram Narayanasami, Head of Maersk's Global Commercial Process at the OceanPro programme.

On demo day, which was held recently, four startups, which have developed solutions that tap Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), graduated from the four-month programme. Here are the four startups and a closer look at what they do:

Stratforge: Its platform develops customised application solutions with no-code and low-code options. With this, enterprises can connect with a startup’s APIs and have easier digital transformation in customer experience, financial services, and digital payments.

Tripz: Tripz observes historic data to identify opportunities of truck or container reuse. The startup creates a data model to recommend ideal ‘wait time’ before placing a work order and suggests counter options

Linkstreet: The startup’s education and technology product, RaPl, comes with an easy-to-digest, bite-sized learning approach for mobile learners. With the model, the startup directly targets retention for enterprise workforces. The startup specialises in consolidating documentations involved in procurement of logistics, within the shipping industry. Using technology-powered digital solutions, it aggregates large chunks of unorganised shipping data, and makes it easier to access for end-users.

Navneet Kapoor, Chief Transformation Officer and Head of Global Service Centres at Maersk, said,

"One of the imperatives for OceanPro is to offer meaningful opportunities for startups to accelerate their product development through direct and regular feedback from customers and end users. I am glad that we can live up to that promise. The benefits for Maersk are real as well, and we are committed to further scaling up our partnership with the thriving startup ecosystem in India and other parts of the world."

Reflecting on the year-long journey with two cohorts that graduated and the launch of the third one, Sriram Narayanaswami, the sponsor and Head of Maersk's Global Commercial Process at the OceanPro programme, said, "The OceanPro programme leverages startup expertise in building digital solutions that improve ease of doing business for our customers. We thank startups for partnering in solving some important problems in our industry and we continue to be impressed by the depth of expertise they bring."

He added that every startup was assigned with a founder-in-residence (FIR) from Maersk, who works with them closely until they achieve significant growth and market-readiness.

“One of the solutions developed by the initial cohort is now being used in inland tracking by three countries, and is even scheduled for a wider global roll out,” Sriram said.

The third cohort focuses on Maersk's ecommerce platforms, optimising the brand experience and customer journey. It also includes four startups: Entropik Tech, Senseforth, Soroco, and Ocean Frogs. is now one of the world’s largest B2B transaction sites, and reports average hourly revenue of $1.45 million. The first cohort, which was launched last year, had eight startups that reportedly saw 50 percent conversion to a production scale solution provider. They include LinkedDots, Unido Labs, La Vela Pictures,, MintM, Inatrix, and Dhruv.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)