Get a ringside view of India’s largest API banking ecosystem at the HDFC Bank API Banking Summit

By presenting India’s largest API banking ecosystem with over 100 APIs, at the HDFC Bank API Banking Summit, the bank is looking at open banking to collaborate, accelerate innovation, unlock new value and offer compelling growth and innovation opportunities for the partner ecosystem.
1.5k CLAPS

Today's consumer is more connected and digital-first than ever before. This digital banking customer expects privacy, security, real-time payments and an intuitive experience across any device. Consumers now expect the ability to conduct transactions with minimum effort via wearables, contactless devices, voice interfaces and biometrics. These changes have led to new technology standards and increased competition. Banks are meeting these evolving demands by embracing open banking, the concept of enabling third parties to build services that can connect to banking systems.

This radical era in banking is therefore now emerging, as consumer technologies have begun to talk to each other giving customers a near-invisible bank. API technology with its networking capability is enabling this connectivity between digital assets and can be called the nervous system of today’s digital environment. It allows the owner of the network to give universal access to developers or third parties to build and offer next-generation products, services and convenience, facilitating inclusion and innovation in the process.

The HDFC Bank API: a new era of innovation, collaboration and inclusion

By presenting India’s largest banking API ecosystem with over 100 APIs HDFC Bank aims to drive innovative and inclusive fintech integrations through open banking and APIs with strategic players, to help us engage with customers in places where they are increasingly spending their time, which not only drives better customer experiences but also creates opportunities for deeper customer engagement. These collaborations will accelerate innovation, unlock new value and offer compelling growth opportunities for HDFC Bank and collaborators alike.

100+ APIs, 100+ partners

With over 100 public APIs , HDFC Bank offers a huge opportunity for fintech organisations, aggregators, merchants, third-party service providers and platforms, DSAs and developers to build applications and portals using their open banking API services majorly in the banking paradigms of payments, service & sourcing. Through these integrations customers can now directly opt for applying for loans, credit cards, forex cards, debit card EMIs, current and savings account with other similar banking services and make various transactions and service requests from our partner’s digital platforms.

HDFC Bank already has over 100 partners who have integrated their APIs with impressive results.

Beyond the urban ecosystem, the bank’s open banking integrations have also brought overall digital inclusiveness to rural regions, bringing awareness on the banking services offered specifically designed and suiting the needs for rural India.

Current API banking offerings

HDFC Bank’s API ecosystem of over 100 APIs can help partners improve overall customer engagement, increase digital revenue and enable them to enhance their service offerings. API partners also get access to the bank’s internal systems and data and can perform necessary eligibility checks using their APIs further providing the end customers with delight across payment APIs, service APIs, customer acquisition APIs and more.

Get a first-hand view at The HDFC Bank API Banking Summit

The first edition of The HDFC Bank API Banking Summit will be held in Bangalore on 17th December 2019 in association with Startup India, 91springboard and CIIE.CO, IIM Ahmedabad. It will feature Mr. Rajnish Khare, Head - Digital Transformation, API Banking, UI/UX, Social Business & New Media from HDFC Bank talking about HDFC Bank API Banking ecosystem. In addition to a showcase of use cases by select partners. The summit will feature pitch by startups presenting their API integration solutions.

Time: 09:30 AM

Venue: 91springboard, Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

Map coordinates here.

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