Gastrotope unveils second cohort of agritech startups

The startup accelerator programme of Gastrotope looks to improve the value quotient of the broad agricultural ecosystem

Gastrotope, the agri and foodtech accelerator founded by Taizo Son’s Mistletoe, Rajesh Sawhney’s GSF, and Infobridge, has launched its second cohort programme and shortlisted three startups.

The accelerator programme is designed to find and nurture startups that will impact future agri and food industry with the strategy to “Create Sustainable Farm to Fork Ecosystem".

In its second cohort programme, Gastrotope has the following themes: healthy food, healthy and sustainable tech, food safety, plant based and alternative protein and sustainable ecosystem.

Startups selected under Gastrotope second cohort programme

According to Gastrotope, it received over 150 applications, and three startups were shortlisted for the accelerator programme. The three startups are Sprinng Foods, Clear Meat, and RAAV Techlabs.

Established in 2018, Sprinng Foods is the first Indo-Irish venture producing international quality gluten free foods in India. It produces gluten-free baked food products using its own proprietary formulations, recipes, and processes with selected local production partners.

Clear Meat, founded in 2019, is a cell-based meat company focussed on creating an affordable, nutritious, and safe animal protein alternative for India. The team at Clear Meat has significant technical expertise in various aspects of cell culture.

Established in 2018, RAAV Techlabs designs quality analysis instruments for agricultural commodities. Its solutions include non-destructive, portable, cost effective, and provides nutrition, taste, and adulteration parameters.

The Gastrotope Accelerator Programme has helped these startups to optimise and improve their business model, achieve product-market fit, and execute a scalable growth strategy.

In its second cohort programme, the selected startups will not only receive funding and mentoring, but will also create a framework among these young companies with scope to collaborate.

Gastrotope is a catalyst in the formation of ‘farm to fork’ ecosystem which has sustainable practices. Rajesh Sawhney, CEO and Co-Founder of InnerChef said, “Purpose of Gastrotope is to foster innovation in farm to Fork ecosystem”.

Masanori Yamamoto, Head Operation of Gastrotope Acceleration Program said, “We are happy to announce this shortlist startups of Gastrotope Acceleration Program 2nd Cohort. We believe that Gastrotope ecosystem can provide the impact to Indian as well as world agriculture & food industry, and make a difference for our better future. We would like to accelerate our farm to fork ecosystem activities further.”

(Edited by Megha Reddy)


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