[Jobs Roundup] Use your love for YouTube to land a job in these companies

If you are keen on marketing and love video editing, devising viewership strategies, and community building on YouTube, check out these job openings.

Over the years, video streaming platforms have gained immense popularity. In particular, YouTube has the highest number of users logging on. Be it entertainment, education, news or business, everything is available on the platform.

Many organisations and companies make use of this platform for product marketing and company promotion. While these companies focus on strengthening their social media presence and strategies, they also pay special attention to building a wide community on YouTube.

YourStory has curated a list of jobs with a primary basis on YouTube

YouTube Channel Manager


Experience needed: 2-3 years

Zwende is on the lookout for an effective multi-tasker with exceptional communication skills to take on the role of their YouTube Channel Manager. The selected candidate will be responsible for content strategy, scheduling and delivery execution, community building, engagement and collaborations to improve the growth of the channel. They will work with the Graphic Design team to develop video content aligned with overall strategy. Additionally, they will function as a resident expert on video content.

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SEO Analyst – YouTube

Pinnacle HRM

Experience needed: Not specified

As a YouTube SEO analyst, candidates will be expected to advise the best practices and growth strategies for the company’s YouTube channels. They should perform competitive analysis and specific keyword research to ensure efficient growth in the online space. They must provide recommendations for content development and regularly monitor YouTube analytics dashboards. Having a strong knowledge of popular SEO tools like YouTube analytics, TubeMate and TubeBuddy is a must.

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YouTube Manager


Experience needed: Not specified

The edtech startup is looking for a cheerful YouTube manager who can effectively manage their YouTube channels from creation to promotion. They should develop videos based on exam patterns, syllabus and share various tips and tricks for an easy study. They will coordinate and manage the freelancers to produce quality content. They will also conduct video interviews with influencers. Candidates with basic video editing skills and online video experience can apply for this role.

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YouTube Marketing Expert

Zarantech Software Pvt Ltd

Experience needed: 1-4 years

The company is on the lookout for a YouTube Marketing Manager with excellent communication skills and a knowledge of different marketing and SEO techniques. The candidates should work on making the videos effective. They will be responsible for marketing the videos to generate more engagements and views. Expertise in use of keywords, hashtags, titles and description is a necessity. Familiarity with YouTube video posting and marketing is a prerequisite.

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YouTube Manager

Premium Consultants

Experience needed: 1-2 years

Successful candidates will be responsible for designing and managing complete operating plan, programming and content strategies. They should focus on viewership growth for existing and newly created YouTube channels. They must manage promotions and ads for the channels. They must develop data-driven recommendations to ensure that goals are achieved.

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