Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020: Setting the Technology Agenda

Drawing from IDC’s 10 predictions for the IT industry, Micro Focus hosted a day-long event in Mumbai and Bengaluru with CIOs, analysts, CISOs and others from the tech fraternity to unravel the constellations of the tech universe

The IT industry has seen a massive transformation in the last decade or so, and the transformations only continue to gain steam. That’s why as yet another year ends, we see businesses prioritising and working on their future roadmap strategy.

But, this is no easy job.

To help ease the anxiety of businesses in the IT sector and help CIOs and IT leaders to make intelligent choices, IDC recently released its latest worldwide technology predictions for 2020. This study presented the top 10 predictions and key drivers for the IT industry for the next five years. 

A key takeaway from the predictions is that, by 2023, more than half of global GDP will be accounted for by digitally transformed enterprises. It expects that the next few years will witness accelerated investments by enterprises in key technologies and new operating models, to become hyperspeed, hyperscaled and hyperconnected.

Here’s a look at the 10 tech predictions for 2020:

  1. Digital Innovation Factories: By 2025, nearly two-thirds of enterprises will be prolific software producers with code deployed daily, over 90 percent of new apps cloud native, 80 percent of code externally sourced and there will be 1.6 times more developers.
  2. Inescapable AI: By 2025, at least 90 percent of new enterprise apps will embed AI; by 2024, over 50 percent of user interface interactions will use AI-enabled computer vision, speech, natural language processing and AR/VR.
  3. Trust is Promoted: By 2023, 50 percent of the G2000 will name a Chief Trust Officer, who orchestrates trust across functions including security, finance, HR, risk, sales, production and legal.
  4. Connected Clouds: By 2022, 70 percent of enterprises will integrate cloud management — across their public and private clouds.
  5. Hasten to Innovation: By 2024, over 50 percent of all IT spending will be directly for digital transformation and innovation.
  6. Edge Build-out: By 2023, over 50 percent of new enterprise IT infrastructure deployed will be at the edge rather than corporate data centres.
  7. Industry Apps Explosion: By 2023, over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches.
  8. Every Enterprise is a Platform: By 2023, 60 percent of the G2000 will have a digital developer ecosystem with thousands of developers.
  9. Multi-industry Mashups: By 2025, 20 percent of revenue growth will come from ‘white space’ offerings that combine digital services from previously unlinked industries, and 1/5th of partners are from previously unlinked industries.
  10. Tech Platform Wars: By 2023, the top 5 public cloud mega platforms will consolidate at least 75 percent of IaaS + PaaS market share.

The Micro Focus Advantage 

Given the above predictions, it is clear that digital transformation is the road ahead and enterprises must transform their business processes, culture, and customer experiences. UK-based IT major Micro Focus has well aligned itself with these trends. By combining industry-leading software and domain expertise in four core areas – Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Predictive Analytics and Security, Risk, and Governance – the company is uniquely positioned to deliver on all critical aspects of enterprise digital transformation to help customers innovate faster with less risk. 

The Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020, hosted in Bengaluru and Mumbai earlier this month, sought to guide the industry on the key perspectives and help adopt the best practices based on these IDC predictions. Themed “Unravelling Constellations of Tech-Universe”, the Technology Horoscope 2020 decoded new patterns, futuristic insights, and ground-breaking analytics that can shape the present and future of the IT industry. The events witnessed participation from a cross section of professionals from the tech fraternity and brought together analysts, consultants, CIOs, CISOs to create collective wisdom. 

Speaking at the event, Genefa Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer, Micro Focus said, “Micro Focus helps our customers to bridge the old and the new. Instead of going around legacy systems, we enable mission-critical applications and data to be leveraged so that customers can maximize their ROI.” she added, “We enable customers to continue at speed while bridging existing and emerging technologies all while securing identities, applications and data. To be successful at digital transformation, you have to be able to transform while optimizing your business – you can’t choose one over the other.”

The evening also featured keynotes by Avneesh Saxena, Group VP - Research, IDC and Saurabh Saxena, Country Director - India, Micro Focus. The evening was followed by breakout sessions aimed at empowering enterprises with capabilities to harness the power of Predictive Analytics, Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management and Security, Risk & Governance.


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