Authenticity, aspiration, application – what these artists teach us about the mindset of creativity

In Part II of our photo essay on three CKP exhibitions, we share more pictorial highlights along with artist insights on originality and discipline.

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Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath recently hosted three exhibitions in Bengaluru – Journey (by Ravi Kulkarni), Kala-Bhandavya (group exhibition by 10 artists), and Drama (by artist-designer Gouri Shirish Velhal).

The artist lineup of Kala-Bhandavya features Somesh Swamy, Naveen Pattar, Asha Bhat, KR Basavarajachar, Suvarna Kamaskshi, Venkatesh PS, Koushik Krishna Hegde, Sarika Singh, Umesh Naik, and TN Patil (see Part I of our coverage here).

The artists have showcased their works in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bagalkot, Shimoga, Mysuru, Dharwad, Goa, and Hyderabad. Some of these artists exhibited at the recent Chitra Santhe art fair as well (see our coverage here).


“Art is a reflection and exploration of life. It gives me discipline and authenticity, and converts my learnings and observation into practice,” explains Somesh Swamy, in a chat with YourStory.

As trends in India, he points to the growing popularity of art, but also warns about the rise of copies and fakes. “The art scene needs more authenticity in order to keep it healthy,” he cautions.

His works are priced from Rs 40,000 to Rs 2 lakh. Success comes not just from commercial sales but also recognition, appreciation, and inner exploration, Somesh explains.

He calls for greater appreciation of art in India, and more support for art teachers, curators, gallerists, and festival organisers. Art is for all, he urges.

For the CKP exhibition, Somesh prepared a series of works called Seed, focusing on the health of society through family and friends. He is also a member of the group YUVA (Young Union of Visual Artists), which hosts an art exhibition twice a year featuring upcoming and emerging artists.

Somesh enjoys seeing audiences understand and appreciate art, and discusses techniques and messages with them. Galleries and exhibitions give artists ideas as well as inspiration. “Group exhibitions also promote teamwork and collaboration between artists, and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship,” he adds.

Art is about hard work and dealing with real-life themes, and much more than parties and the fast life, Somesh explains. He sees art as a platform for value and learning. He urges aspiring artists to become more knowledgeable about art, and promote healthy messages.

Another featured artist was Suvarna Kamakshi, Co-founder of Tamaala art gallery in Bengaluru (see earlier photo essay here). “This year, I worked on the theme of Forest Pathways. The myriad ways paths are formed in the forest is nothing short of magic. The images come from memories of my travels over the years,” she explains.

The artworks are priced from Rs 500 upwards. Seven of the works were picked up at the exhibition. “That really encourages an artist to work more. The feedback I received was really encouraging and I'm fully motivated to take this theme further,” Suvarna enthuses.

She explains that she developed her unique style over the years through a lot of experiments – and mistakes. “The more you experiment and the more you work, the faster you are likely to find what truly inspires you,” Suvarna adds.

She has exhibited in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. The venues include Genesis Gallerie, Kalarasa Art House, India Habitat Centre, Shanta Art Gallery, Lokayata Gallery, Dreams Art Gallery, Hutheesing Visual Arts Centre, and Amdavad Ni Gufa.

She also offers tips for aspiring artists. “It is important to find your style by meditating and applying your thoughts to the canvas. Let the brush and the canvas convey the intent of the heart and the mind,” Suvarna signs off.

Now, what have you done today to pause in your busy schedule and explore your creative side in depth?

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