With YES SCALE Marketplace, startups can identify the right businesses for their innovative SaaS products


Are you a startup looking to SCALE your business and work with leading business in the country? Or, you are a corporate or SME looking for innovative products and services to grow your business.

Be it for a startup, corporate or SME, YES SCALE Marketplace by YES BANK, is the perfect platform for you. It is as easy as adding products to your cart on an e-commerce platform; Only this time, it is relevant solutions!

What is YES SCALE Marketplace?

YES SCALE Marketplace is an industry-first online marketplace of innovative solutions that eases the process for startups to jointly go-to-market with YES BANK, enabling them to explore ‘live’ banking use-cases to deliver better customer experience, register their solution and further assist startups in completing their solutions with banking integrations (API Sandbox) to jointly go-to-market with the Bank to 20K+ corporate & MSME clients.

The platform features a pool of 100+ innovative solutions for use cases across various sectors including Supply Chain and Logistics, Clean energy, Agritech, Lifesciences/Healthtech, Edutech, AI and IoT-enabled solutions, among others.

So, how does it work?

This platform creates a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience enabling businesses to not only view and discover multiple solutions, but also explore them in detail through demos and seamlessly integrate banking on their platform.

While startups can list their products on the platform or build products based on trending banking use cases, corporates and SMEs, who are looking for a specific SaaS solution across various sectors, can login to the platform, explore solutions and features that startups provide, add these to the cart and process the order. The backend team then helps process the right startups which can offer relevant solutions to the corporate/SME and take the transaction forward.

Supporting startups to scale up

YES Bank’s mission is to support startups by taking their technology to cities where the penetration is low like Ahmedabad ,Pune , Jaipur among others , as compared to larger cities. To further build traction and usage of the solution marketplace, they host a series of exclusive showcases across the country called SCALEUp Drive. 

The main objective is to support startups by ensuring that trending solutions are showcased in their cities. The Drive aims to provide startups with the opportunity for an exclusive trial of their solutions and matches them with the right requirements to scale. 

The bank provides go-to-market opportunities and API sandbox to co-create solutions with their banking integration. Moreover, customers welcome startup ideas based on the credibility that YES Bank as a brand has to offer. 

Last month, the SCALEUp Drive held in Gurgaon saw startups from the supply chain sector come together to co-create solutions using YES Bank’s technology. The showcase at Ahmedabad witnessed startups from the education and commercial sector, presenting their innovative solutions to interested corporates and SMEs. 

Participate in the SCALEUp Drive in your city

YES SCALE marketplace is bringing innovations to Pune and Jaipur in 2020. Register for the Drive in your city today!


Friday | 10 January 2020


Register Here


Thursday |16 January 2020

6:30 PM onwards

Golden Tulip, Jaipur



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