What is the driving force behind startups like Swiggy, Ola, and Dunzo?

On-demand startups like Uber, Ola, Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo have our backs 24x7. But these startups have a common denominator – Google Maps.

In the last 10 years, on-demand apps have taken over our lives. From the likes of Uber and Ola for easy commutes to Swiggy and Zomato for your meals, and even Dunzo for everything else – on-demand startups have our backs 24x7. But these startups' success stories have a common denominator – Google Maps.

Why Netflix needs to continue its expensive content bets

Netflix may have garnered 24 Oscar nominations, but managed to win only two. However, it should continue placing quality bets for future returns – a trend mirrored by all its FAANG peers.

Meet the architect of India's first crypto algorithm

Benson Samuel, Co-founder of Coinsecure

This week's techie is Benson Samuel, ex-CTO and Co-founder of Coinsecure, who is now on a mission to fix a global problem: initial coin offering (ICO), using blockchain.

How a startup took on Amazon, landing 21st Century Fox as a client

The Indee team.

Indee TV TV provides high-security screeners to indie filmmakers and film studios, allowing them to upload videos securely and providing in-depth analytics to understand engagement patterns.

Two factors that can improve farmers’ income and export

A global supply chain can become obscure due to international borders and domestic regulations. But, these factors can bring in transparency to the entire process.

This teen is advocating quality mental healthcare for all

A 17-year-old student started the Happiness Project to gauge the happiness quotient of students in government schools, and even trains teachers to become ‘Para-Counsellors’.

Walmart is helping entrepreneurs earn in lakhs and crores

Meet entrepreneurs Babita Gupta, Priyanka Mehta, and Ruchi Mathur, who successfully scaled their businesses and are raking in profits with the help of Walmart’s WEDP programme.

How an investor evaluates the technology of an AI startup

A critical part of investing in AI startups is understanding the technology. Here is an angel investor’s take on what they want to hear from the founders of AI startups.

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