Workshops on product, technology, and design at Future of Work to help you race ahead of your peers

At Future of Work 2020, these workshops on UX, product, and brand design, among others, will help you create great technology that solve India’s unique problems.

India’s largest product-tech-design conference is just around the corner, and it is bigger than ever.

Spread across two days and over 60 sessions, YourStory’s Future of Work 2020 is a confluence of India’s best minds in technology, product, and design, and is all set to leave you with plenty of learnings and upskilling opportunities. 

What’s more? To be held on February 28 and 29 at Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru, FoW will set the stage for more than 70 speakers, hosting names like Amod Malviya (Co-founder, Udaan), Mukesh Bansal (Co-founder & CEO, Curefit), Anandamoy Roychowdhary (Director of Technology, Sequoia Capital), Pramod Varma (Chief Architect of Aadhaar), Rahul Chari (Co-founder & CTO, PhonePe), Arnab Kumar (Program Director, Frontier Technologies, NITI Aayog), amongst others.

This powerhouse of learning to help you climb the tech ladder at your organisation will host 10 workshops that will touch upon a range of topics, from prominent trends powering India’s most powerful internet apps to what is the next frontier for the Indian product managers.

Here is a quick look at the workshops lined up for Future of Work 2020: 

Topic: Business of Design

Meeta Malhotra, Founder, The Hard Copy

Design is all-encompassing and is crucial to the identity of any business.

But how can one make a business out of design while creating an identity for organisations that stands for what they wish to convey?

Telling you how and more is the woman who helped create the brand design for some of India’s biggest names, including Airtel, Kotak Bank, Mother Dairy, Titan, Arvind, Fortis, Max, Aditya Birla Capital, and Vistara Airlines.

Meeta Malhotra, Founder of The Hard Copy, will not only teach you what constitutes the task of building a strong brand design but also how to make a successful business out of it.

Having run three successful startups so far, Meeta is passionate about the right intersection of design, brand, marketing, and technology.

Topic: Powering Next Generation's Internet Apps

Karthic Rao, Developer Relations Lead, Dgraph Labs

The verdict is out: the largest democracy in the world also happens to be the ground for the largest number of app installs globally. 

And with India all set to double the total smartphone penetration to 829 million by 2022, it is clear that the country’s appetite for apps will just get bigger.

So, what will power the internet apps of the future?  

Explaining this will be Karthic Rao of Dgraph Labs, whose workshop will take a look back at the most prominent trends that have emerged from the world of internet apps. He will lead the discourse on the future of app development and discuss how best to meet the demands of developing the next generation of internet apps.

Topic: Cognitive and Behavioural Skills - HBR Ascend

Parvathi Menon, MD, Innovation Alchemy Consulting

While tech leads the rapid acceleration of changes in the Future of Work, an essential focus needs to be retained on soft skills – for they are equally critical to winning in the workplace.

So, how does one not lose sight of cognitive and behavioural skills while focusing on rapidly evolving technologies, especially in the light of high turnover and workplace friction?

One of the top learning facilitators on learning platform HBR Ascend, Parvathi Menon, MD of Innovation Alchemy Consulting Pvt Ltd, will focus on teaching you how to deal with potential barriers pertaining to cognitive and behavioural skills at your workplace.

Parvathi’s deep insights have been leveraged by India’s foremost enterprise brands including ITC e-Choupal, the Marico Innovation Foundation, and global behemoths like the World Bank Group.

Topic: Scale-up Your Startup

Navnath Wadekar, GM-Startup & Digital Channel, Vodafone Idea Limited

How does one of India’s largest telecom companies plan to work with startups?

Revealing this will be Navnath Wadekar, GM-Startup & Digital Channel, Vodafone Idea Business Services, the enterprise arm of Vodafone Idea Limited, who will talk about Vodafone’s Start-up Flexi-Kit, a unique proposition for helping startups to scale their business.

He will cover a range of solutions tailor made for startups in categories of IoT, cloud and colocation services, mobile analytics and marketing.

Topic: Managing Design Outcomes – Your MISSING Skillsets

Shreyas Satish, Founder & CEO, ownpath and Sameer Bhiwani - VP Design & Customer Experience, Scripbox 

Design often holds solutions to the most complex problems. But what is the extra mile needed to ensure successful design outcomes?

The case lies in the ‘missing skillset’.

What skillsets are the best design companies looking for while hiring? User Experience leaders Shreyas Satish, Founder-CEO of ownpath, and Sameer Bhiwani, VP, Design & Customer Experience at Scripbox tell you the secret ingredients to UI success.  

Topic: Building the Culture of Data-led Decisions

Aditya Jalan, VP, Products, at Bounce

For one of India’s leading urban mobility startups, data is key to mapping points like where vehicles are dropped off and which spots provide the most difficult last-mile connectivity.  

Every decision is driven by data for precision. So, how can organisations integrate data-driven decision-making into their cultural fabric?

At Future of Work 2020, Aditya Jalan, VP, Products, at Bounce, will spill the beans on the impact of building a culture of data-led decisions at your company.

Topic: Evolving Role of Product Manager 

Rohan Choudhary, VP, Product & Founding Team, Glance 

The role of a product manager seems to be ever evolving, what with the steady increase in India’s appetite for technology solutions addressing the country’s unique set of challenges.

With the evolution of user experience, the idea of a product manager is also undergoing a dramatic shift.

Explaining the evolving role of an Indian product manager will be Rohan Choudhary, VP, Product & Founding Team, at Glance, one of India’s most prolific visual engagement platforms.

Topic: Designing Immersive, Interactive Worlds in Virtual Reality

Adarsh Muthappa, Co-founder, AutoVRse; Karthik Bharadhwaj, Design Lead/Art Director, AutoVRse; Pradyumna Panikker, Senior Environment Artist, AutoVRse

From retail, real estate, and auto to media and gaming, organisations are increasingly betting on immersive solutions for their customers. 

With India’s immersive market all set to grow tenfold to $6.5 billion by 2022, there is a need for more companies specialising in building sound virtual reality solutions in India.

Hear from the founding team of India’s hottest VR startup on what it takes to build the best immersive experience for customers.

Topic: User Research for Everything Tech 

Ripul Kumar, Co-founder, Utterwise AI

User research seems to be at the epicentre of the world’s biggest technology firms, which are changing the way we perceive the world around us.

But as industries are waking up to the importance of UX, they should be aware of the fact that inadequate research can be a ground for failing tech foundations. 

Speaking about this is one of India’s finest minds in design, MIT-Sloan alumni Ripul Kumar, who has consulted for the likes of Google, Nokia, and Facebook on design for the ‘future of technology’.

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)