How Indiabulls Dhani is simplifying personal finances for India

With unique offerings like personal loans within three minutes, credit line offering Shop Now, Pay Later, converting reward points to cash and a partner programme to earn extra income, Indiabulls Dhani is making personal finance a breeze.

An October 2019 survey showed that over 82 percent of Indians suffered stress from work, health and finance-related worries. Around 84 percent of the men and 79 percent of women said that personal finance was a significant source of their stress.

Managing money can be taxing, especially if one lacks key skills like discipline, prioritisation, and maintaining restraint. This can lead to heavy debt, a sharp fall in savings and even deteriorating mental health.

Managing personal finance is key to enjoying financial freedom.

However, many of us like “living in the moment”, which leads to impulse decisions on shopping, eating out and travel, and savings takes the back seat. However, emergencies like a sudden medical expense often leaves one with no other recourse than taking a personal loan.

Today, loans are offered by several financial services providers at competitive interest rates that are much lower than credit cards. These are unsecured loans – debt that does not need any collateral – and can be repaid in short-term tenures through equated monthly instalments (EMIs).

Instant Loans for all your needs

Indiabulls Dhani is one such offering where one can avail an instant personal loan for emergencies, purchasing a new or used vehicle, taking a holiday, renovating a home or club and pay multiple debts.

Indiabulls Dhani supersedes the competition in the market on several aspects, including its mobile application platform where one can avail a personal loan from as low as Rs 1000 to Rs 15 lakh with a few taps on a smartphone via the personal loan app, by providing a PAN, address proof and bank account details.

The amount is then disbursed into the borrower’s bank account in approx. three minutes at a and a repayment tenure that ranges between three and 36 months..

Consumers must study all the conditions mentioned in the loan agreement and make an informed decision.


The mobile app also offers a credit line. This works on the concept of buy-now-pay-later. Users can get their pre-approved credit line sanctioned for free & then make payment through this service at 30 lakh plus online and offline merchants for multiple transactions such as flight bookings, shopping, or even a simple transaction such as buying a coffee or a saree and pay back in easy EMIs.

What stands out is the zero percent interest rate on the product. There’s a pre-approved limit that Indiabulls sets for its customers and levies a very nominal processing fee. The easy, instant and free setup on the app is an added incentive.

This can be a handy tool in times of a financial crunch, especially during the month-end period.

Earn Rewards & Cashbacks

Indiabulls Dhani also incentivises timely repayments for loans & credit line by reward points.

The Dhani Points is a reward programme, the first in the loan industry, according to the company. A Dhani customer can earn these reward points by referring friends, making bill payments, buying gift coupons, availing additional loans, making travel booking and playing games on the Dhani app, among others.

It helps you make your EMI cheaper as the reward points can be converted into cash on timely EMI payment every month.

For instance, one can refer and earn 250 points for every referral, which is equivalent of Rs 250 cash, while travel bookings will give you up to 40 points. You could also get up to 20 points for every bill paid or mobile recharge .

These points can be converted into cash and will be reflected in the Dhani wallet.

You can also earn rewards by playing ‘Spin the Wheel’ everyday. You can earn points by indulging in this game once every day and stand a chance to win up to Rs 3,000 per month. What’s best is that there is no investment needed.

Higher Top Up Loans

Over and above this, loyal customers of Dhani get special benefit of increased loan sanction amount and higher top-ups loan offer for subsequent loans from Dhani App.

Wallet & Dhani Pay Card

The product has a mobile wallet that can be used for transactions such as mobile recharges and travel bookings, among others. One can avail loan or credit line facility from Dhani or even add money from their bank account for transacting on Dhani App.

Users can also avail a physical or digital version of the sleek Dhani Pay Platinum Rupay card, which can be used across 30 lakhs of online and offline merchants. It offers benefits such as setting up a spending limit on your card, and having a function of remotely activating and deactivating the card plus is highly secure.

Indiabulls Partner Programme

Indiabulls Partner App offers an opportunity to earn extra income with zero investment. All one must do is refer Indiabulls Dhani to people looking for instant personal loans and every lead logged in by you can help you earn a commission if he/she receives a disbursal through its Indiabulls Partner Programme, which helps you to earn money online. The partner can track the status of the leads too.

The Indiabulls Dhani app becomes a one-stop-shop for all your personal finance needs and saves up time of toggling between several apps to perform financial transactions.


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