How winners of Maharashtra Startup Week are affecting on-ground change

From genomics testing for tuberculosis to food preservation technologies, winners of Maharashtra Startup Week 2018 and 2019 have piloted successful projects with the state government

In a pilot study last year, sputum samples of 100 drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) patients from the laboratory of Mumbai’s JJ Hospital were tested using whole genomics to help eliminate the time-lag between tests for simple TB and multidrug resistant TB. This was done to help procure results faster and ensure that patients get the right combination of medicines on time, thus arresting the chances of the infection spreading. The data generated was sequenced and analysed by Haystacks Analytics – an at-scale genomics diagnostics company. The study was a part of a project given to the startup by the state’s Directorate of Health Services.

Similarly, food technology startup S4S Technologies, is working with the Zilla Parishads to build solar-powered dehydrators in order to create a sustainable supply of processed food products without using artificial additives or preservatives.

“Initially, S4S implemented this project in Hatmali village in Aurangabad, where a Self Help Group (SHG) used these solar conduction dryers to dry local vegetables. Realising the value addition, more farmers have shown interest and solar conduction dryers are becoming popular in rural Aurangabad,” Pavneet Kaur (IAS), previous ZP CEO, Aurangabad said.

In Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, a pilot for sanitary napkin manufacturing machine by Saral Designs is working to provide high-quality feminine hygiene products so girls can attend school regularly.

What’s the common factor in these three diverse startups? They are all among the 48 winners of the Maharashtra Startup Week 2018 and 2019 -- a one-of-a-kind platform for early-stage startups to scale up and pilot projects with the government. These are just a few of the many impactful success stories that emerged from this unique platform. Applications for the 2020 Maharashtra Startup Week are open. Apply today

Government for innovation

Maharashtra has a vibrant startup ecosystem, with healthy growth in the number of startups year on year. As per the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Maharashtra, with a total of 2,787 startup registrations (out of 14,565 in India), was ranked first in terms of number of startup registrations in 2018, in India.

With the vision of enabling an innovation-based economy and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit to drive economic growth and job creation, the state government is committed to encourage entrepreneurs to design novel solutions in new-age sectors as well as revamping traditional sectors.

The Maharashtra Startup Week is one such effort by the Maharashtra State Innovation Society to encourage, engage and enable the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with a platform to showcase their innovative solutions to the Government of Maharashtra.

For startups, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage directly with the Government and open doors to scale their solutions further and mitigate developmental challenges.

Now in its third edition, Maharashtra Startup Week 2020 is offering a unique opportunity for early-stage startups working in sectors across education and skilling, agriculture, healthcare, sustainability, smart infrastructure and mobility to apply.

Out of the top 100 selected by a panel of industry experts and leaders, 24 winning startups will receive work orders of up to Rs 15 lakh from the Maharashtra State Innovation Society to pilot their solutions within different state departments. Subsequently, the startups will receive support in terms of access to government machinery and mentoring from its institutional partners for a period of up to 12 months to deploy their solutions on the ground.

Some of the other winners of the 2019 Startup Week include:

  • Tactopus – Is providing three government-aided schools for the blind with four sets of learning material, installed in libraries.
  • Bodhi Health Education - Is working with the Directorate of Health Services to provide game-based learning apps on mother and child health for nurses and midwives at eight health centres throughout the state of Maharashtra.
  • Makers Adda - Is creating automated online infrastructure delivery monitoring mechanism with relevance in government infrastructure departments like PWD, highway development authority, road projects, etc.
  • Urvi Agrotech Solutions Pvt Ltd - Is providing MAVIM (a Government of Maharashtra agency) supported Self Help Groups 82 hand tractors across 21 locations in Maharashtra in Amravati, Akola, Yavatmal and Washim districts.
  • WorkApps - Is developing and implementing a Citizen Broadcasting application in a Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.
  • MedPrime - Is working with the Directorate of Health Services,to supply its digital microscope CILIKA (smartphone integrated digital microscope) at 10 locations across the state of Maharashtra for Malaria Parasite and TB Sputum testing.
  • Arcatron Mobility - Is supplying a total of 140 specially designed commode wheelchairs to BMC and mental hospitals. This wheelchair makes care-giving smooth and convenient for the caregivers/nurses as it allows toilet access to patients in a secure and convenient manner.
  • Giftolexia Solutions - Is working with schools under Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and screening over 2,000 students in Marathi and over 200 students in English. The startup has also been training teachers about learning disabilities and inclusive classroom strategies.
  • Spider G - G Is working with the Skill Development department to implement facial recognition and geo tagging solution for Employment Exchange, VTPs & ITIs.
  • Floating Canvas – Is collaborating with Maharashtra Raj Bhavan to encourage works by upcoming artists in the estate. The project involves 30 artworks installed across two Raj Bhavan heritage bungalows, featuring works of contemporary artists and photographers.
  • Earth Analytics India- is deploying its SAR based remote sensing and data analytics capabilities to help in better assessment of crop types, crop stress and phenology in Parbhani district of Maharashtra.
  • Satsure Analytics India - is deploying its remote sensing and data Analytics capabilities to provide intelligence on crop sowing, harvest and yield for crops (such as cotton) and possibility of pest infestation.
  • Dimension NXG - is collaborating with the Directorate of Vocational Education & Training (DVET) to digitise and improve learning levels in 10 Industrial Training Institute’s/ITIs across the state of Maharashtra by supplying its Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality enabled AjneLite Plus devices to augment the existing training in 2 trades.

Your startup could be the next innovator to bring about social change with the government. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Hurry – apply today for the Maharashtra Startup Week 2020.


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